this is my 2009 halloween costume:
A Skeksis from the 1982 Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal. 

It was a full body costume, complete with hand-puppet head and blinking eyes.

Est. cost: $120
Est. weight: 9.5 lbs
Est. time: 7 weeks & 350 hours

Step 1: things you will need

liquid latex,
matress foam (I used memory foam),
plastic canvas,
glue gun w/ glue sticks,
coat hanger,
rubber ball w/eye design,
plastic teeth (i used a caveman necklace),
monster gloves,
foam swimming pool noodle,
Jedi costume robe,
brown fabric,
freaky fabric,
latex paint,
matte spray,
gloss spray,
duct tape,
<p>The original Skeksis took 5 guys to puppeteer! Your version is cool, but I would have a friend in the costume as well to puppeteer the arms!</p>
<p>This costume reminds me of the pterodactyl from Dark Wing Duck! Love it though.</p>
nicely done. very cool
Just for those people deciding on making a costume like this, you may want to look at multiple sources. It was at first hard to find costumes like this until I had found that they are called stalkarounds/stalkabouts.
cute kitten
OMG! That is truly incredible! Love it to bits.. Thank you (=
im gald it gets hot in there halloween in the UK is a bit chilly!
This instructable helped me a great deal in building my skeksis costume for halloween this year. I have a short video of it in use on youtube. Just search skeksis halloween costume.
so cool, just don't scare anyone too much!
I'm looking into making the Crypt keeper... costum xD of all things do you think i could apply this design to what im aiming for? its either this or i do it with bondo? Any Advice?
Awesome I love it
Pretty cool - I've really got to watch that film again sometime.&nbsp; Heh, most of my old costumes were built like this - amalgamations of older wear.<br /> Always a classy party when 24 and Skeksis are there.<br /> <br />
&nbsp;looks more like 21.<br />
Shh!&nbsp; I didn't want to knowingly call the guy fat (in case they're friends)!<br /> Ahh dissembling.&nbsp; Plus 21 is fairly buff lately.<br />
&nbsp;HA! &nbsp;dont worry all, there is no offense to anyone. &nbsp;that guy is my buddy, and he is most definatly 21, not 24
Welp, as long as that's cleared up!<br /> Out of curiosity, what were the reactions to your costume?&nbsp; I haven't seen Crystal in a looong time now - it hasn't become obscure by any means, but I can't imagine everyone knowing who you were right off the bat.<br />
we had about 30 people at our halloween party,&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 10 - 15 people knew what the costume was. <br /> <br /> Since then, I am glad to say&nbsp;more have seen the film, because they wanted to know the story behind the costume.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> It is my favorite film, and i feel is an important piece of work in light of todays CGI&nbsp;dependant industry.
THIS is beyond awesome... well done :D<br />
&nbsp;whoa! &nbsp;this takes me back :) &nbsp;spot on job!
That's totally awesome, well done!<br />
All i can say is that you look very<em> skexy</em> in that costume. but really good job though.<br />
very nice, i think you got his attitude down very well. <br /> would love to see yours standing beside my mystic.<br /> <br /> &quot;freaky fabric&quot; is vitrually just &quot;cheesecloth&quot; which sells year round at any dollar/grocery store (you will have to rip it a bit and dip it in a bit of grey paint, but you can buy lots of it for a few bucks that way when you need it.,&nbsp; not just at halloween)<br /> <br /> I would love to see it dressed up a little more decadent shabby chic, but you did well for only a few hundred hours.<br /> <br /> <br />
Thanks for the cheescloth tip!&nbsp; if your ever in austin during Halloween, we can meet downtown and take some pics
I watched that show last week or so. Good job!
<p>That looks so good!&nbsp; I love that movie, btw, and I always want to see Labyrinth after...&nbsp; that describes about half my childhood ;p</p>
The third pic in Step 5 kind of looks like an Audrey II. I bet the same technique would work for one of those, too. Hmmm.....<br /> <br /> Very nice work, can't wait to see the video!
I think you published this a little bit early.&nbsp; Your step 8 is empty.&nbsp; Very, very cool costume and instructions!&nbsp; When you've got it complete, I am confident a Feature will follow shortly.<br />
sorry about that, i had to leave the computer before i was done.&nbsp; I revised it now, hope its okay!
Thanks!&nbsp; An extremely nice project, and well written.<br />

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