Dc Motor Mod (with Brushes)





Introduction: Dc Motor Mod (with Brushes)

Have you ever had radio controlled car and you wanted it to perform better?
Or a drill that wanted to perform better?
Or any motor that has a load.
Here is the solution its my dc motor mod.
It gives the motor more torque and conserves energy using capacitors to collect magnetic energy while its spinning.
It also limits the amount of current used when the motor is under load.
Through out the instructable i'll show you how

Step 1: What U'll Need

Following material are what u'll need to perform this mod.
A dc motor
A small flat head screw driver
A soldering iron
A desoldering pump
Some solder
Some SMD ceramic capacitors (about 100nf -330nf non polaried)
(the amount of capactor depends on your motor)

Step 2: The Motor

First disassemble the motor by taking the flat head screw driver and prying the clips at the bottom of the motor upwards.
Then you pull off the cover, take out the core.
At the commutator there are depending on the motor about 3 - 16 pins.
You must put a capacitor between each of the pins by soldering them on.
After that you just put the motor back together.
Picture 2 is your finished product.
Picture 3 is where to solder the capacitor.

Step 3: You Have Completed the Mod.

Im sorry that i dont have any evidence supporting this claim posted, beacuase it dont have a video camera but i do know it works. If you dont believe me take your multimeter and check the current supplied to the motor when its under load without the mod and then with it. Compare your results.
Thank you for reading this instuctable have a good and Godly day.



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Josh and all, what you are doing is tinkering, it will takes ages to come up with good results with over the surface knowledge, we must get in depth with studying first the known "laws" in order to challenge them with authority for could easily think we discovered something that was already discovered!!...But there is fringe science an exciting one!...make a boolean search for "UFO politics" user name, I bow to no man , nor I intent to help him by advertising but we need to help each other, this world shouldn't be in the darkness we are witnessing on this date a age...Good luck

thanks and yes i like experimentation and very soon i'll release something to surprise you.

Could you explain how this works? A cap' is usually there to suppress "noise" I can't see how this would "give the motor more torque and conserve energy using capacitors to collect magnetic energy while its spinning.
It also limits the amount of current used when the motor is under load"


ok did you know that u can take an inductor wave it over a magnet and collect the energy in a capacitor? Its like back EMF.
So what basically happens is the communator doesnt enage all the inductors at the same time. All the other inductors in motion will collect the energy in the capactor and start to resonate, creating a small magnetic field. This magnetic feild from all the others pushes the motor better because it occurs after 120 after the communtator enages the first coil in my motors case.

Nice job on the instructable.
I don't mean to burst your bubble, but you can't change the laws of thermodynamics with a few ceramic capacitors.

The capacitors cannot be collecting energy through the coils unless it creates an equal drag on the spin. Also, these LC-Pairs will NOT oscillate at the motor speed. That would be near impossible even in an IDEAL world.

Believe me. I wish this could be true.

well i did realize that the motor got slow but seemed to have a bit motor torque, i not sure but answer this. Isnt there a posiblity for an inductor in a rotor consisting of many communtator pins to have collected energy from the turning in the magnetic field? Remember that all the communtator pins arent connected at the same time so what happens in between this cycle. I believe that the energy between this time isnt used efficiently and the must be some way of using it to increase the efficiency of a permenant magnet motor.

As long as the capacitor (or anything else) is gathering energy from the inductor, that creates drag on the spin. ( And you lose kinetic energy. ) Then, on the down slope of your LC-pairs resonant cycle, it will most certainly not be in the right position. ( Like i said, it's impossible to tune something to the frequency you need ) Thus, the energy will push against your spin. ( Again ) All this energy will be wasted as heat.

See, as long as there is no load on an inductor, it will not collect any charge in a magnetic field.

btw @ some point most of your physics laws will change because most are hypothesis and someone will always update them and find the faults most didnt see. Please to take my idea (theory) and make billions off of it thank you.

That doesn't sound too unreasonable, except that you're giving values in nanofarads. Too weedy to have any noticeable effect...


I'm guessing the field builds up after a while