Introduction: Dead Master Cosplay Costume (Black Rock Shooter)

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A client requested a head to toe Dead Master costume for Sakura Con 2014. The build included the skulls, scythe, wings, horns, dress and claws. All props were fabricated from foam. Enjoy!

Step 1: Scythe

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The scythe was fabricated from pink board owens corning foam. It was sculpted using hot wire tools, sealed with latex paint, and accented with neon green acrylic paint. The staff was made from PVC that was heated with a heat gun to achieve the appropriate bends. The staff portion was wrapped in EVA foam and sculpted.

Step 2: Horns

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The horns were made by taking a headband and drilling holes for mounting. Next PEX tubing had thick wire inserted to allow them to hold their shape. The PEX tubing was ziptied to the headband for stability. The PEX was then sandwiched between two layers of EVA foam rubber and sculpted with razor blades and a dremel. Tule was hot glued to the back for the veil.

Step 3: Accessory Props

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PhilsTj (author)2014-04-26

freaking awesome!

5923r (author)2014-04-25

oh my gawd...AMAZING

Partybot (author)5923r2014-04-25

Thank you so much!

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