Picture of Death Becomes Her Halloween Costume
Create the illusion of seeing through a gaping wound in your body. This is my Halloween Costume for 2008, based on the 1992 movie Death Becomes Her. I am portraying Goldie Hawn's character, who was blasted with a shotgun by Meryl Streep's character in a fit of undead rage.
This movie used new and impressive compositing techniques of the time to create the special effect of a hole through Goldie's body.
What if you could build and wear a special effect like this for a costume? Here's how...

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
2 x Secondary 7" monitors for a portable DVD unit
2 x Nikon coolpix digital camera with video out cable
2 x 12 volt battery

plaster of paris
plastic board
Smooth On flex foam, sealer and realease agent
Acrylic paint
Acrylic gloss medium

"Vampire dress"
Fake fur remnant
long gloves

I am Scared of You... ARrr.!
PeckLauros2 years ago
So creative!
Nelyan4 years ago
There's a link missing for flex foam in the last paragraph in step 2, btw. Great tutorial. If only I had enough money for two monitors...
Very cool, soooo jealous! I'll try a variation for next year!  Awesome
flixs5 years ago
nice job, I was creating exactly same effect using 14" pc monitor and webcam , your setup and mine basicly same thing.. nice to see other people have twisted ideas like i do.. lol
esben2k5 years ago
Very nice
Jayefuu5 years ago
Awesome. 5*
natataka5 years ago
bravo...very original and executed well.
orksecurity5 years ago
The single thing that impresses me most is that you seem to have the focal length, and alignment,  of the camera set about right to match normal vision from a reasonable distance. I know, you worked at finding the right point from which to shoot the demo video... but still, it's a pretty darned good effect. Pity you couldn't have gotten it to match colors/brightness a bit more closely, but that Really Tough given different lighting conditions.

Works a heck of a lot better than I would have expected. Well Done.
 full respect that is a serious amount of work to put into a costume!
bowmaster6 years ago
Totally awesome! It's like a invisibility cloak for only part of your body.
Armaggedon6 years ago
That is the coolest costume I have ever seen!
sponges6 years ago
This is pretty incredible. Well done. just, well done. Totally resourceful and ingenious. Anyway, What's the battery life on the electronics like?
nicemag (author)  sponges6 years ago
I wore it for about 5 hours until the camera battery died. The 12 volt was still going strong.
sponges nicemag6 years ago
Re-design6 years ago
Way cool!
Bartboy6 years ago
Like the invisible car in james bond!
nicemag (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
ha! Yes I based this idea on an old article in Wired suggesting a technique for practical invisibility.
Bartboy nicemag6 years ago
well, it works! a bit pricey though....
ax896 years ago
Really good and wearable too! Awesome!
Nabil6 years ago
I was waiting for this one!! great work!!
I love it! Another great costume from you. Fantastic.
This is like the best costume ever! What did people think of it?
jakebaldwin6 years ago
wow... this is an awesome costume. nice job! Are you in the movie industry or something?
This is one of the most original costumes I've seen so far this year. :D