I'm a Star Wars aficionado.. I really like it and I have plenty of friends who like it "almost" as much as I do. So when shopping for presents this year, I wanted to give out some Star Wars ornaments.. However, the coolest one I could think of didn't even exist- the Death Star ornament!

When I imagine this I see it pointing it's death laser towards other ornaments and blowing them to smithereens!! Since I couldn't find it I decided to model and 3D print my own.

Here is a little video of the final product:

I hope you guys like it and if you like to see my other work please check out my Game of Thrones inspired Iron Throne Dock
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Thank you!

Step 1: 3d Model and Hallow It Out

It would have been an easy task to create a full sphere filled with material.. However, this would also have made the ornament heavier and wasted a ton of 3D printed material.. especially if I wanted to make more than one of these.

So I went to work and planned ahead by dividing the Death Star into two pieces.. I made it as thin as possible yet just thick enough to be printed and be strong..

Once divided I could have just glued the pieces together.. but I wanted to make it more user-friendly and easier to assemble, in case some of my friends didn't have access to hobby glue or crafty skills. I created a simple snapping mechanism which would allow the user to snap the pieces into place..

Very nice! You should include your files so others can remix/print your work. :D

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