I am currently finishing a two year engineering course on wind turbine tech. we had a module on 3d desingn (solidworks) and for one of the assignments we designed a scaled down turbine blade , printed it and tested it in the college wind tunnel recording rpm. Amazingly i made an rpm reading of 80rpm on my turbine with which i was well pleased....
This instructable will guide you on the designing of the blade using solidworks and i  assume you have some basic experience if not on solidworks then some other 3d package. If not dont frete i have uploaded the screen shots i used in a.doc file along with the actual solidworks Part drawing. Good Luck!

Enjoy !!!!

Step 1: Drawing the Turbine Blade

Open a new part on solidworks. To achieve an accurate outline shape of a turbine blade a good cheat was to import a profile drawing of one into the solidworks sketch then sketch over it tracing its curves using splines and lines. Download the blade profile i have attached then using  Tools - Sketch Picture insert the picture of the blade.
<p>Hi, could you add the Solidworks file in SAT or STEP format? I would like to have a closer look to the aero profiles that you have used. And I don't know why but I cannot download the docx file. Thank you.</p>
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