Picture of Design & Print Wind Turbine Blades.
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I am currently finishing a two year engineering course on wind turbine tech. we had a module on 3d desingn (solidworks) and for one of the assignments we designed a scaled down turbine blade , printed it and tested it in the college wind tunnel recording rpm. Amazingly i made an rpm reading of 80rpm on my turbine with which i was well pleased....
This instructable will guide you on the designing of the blade using solidworks and i  assume you have some basic experience if not on solidworks then some other 3d package. If not dont frete i have uploaded the screen shots i used in a.doc file along with the actual solidworks Part drawing. Good Luck!

Enjoy !!!!
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Step 1: Drawing the turbine blade

Picture of Drawing the turbine blade
Open a new part on solidworks. To achieve an accurate outline shape of a turbine blade a good cheat was to import a profile drawing of one into the solidworks sketch then sketch over it tracing its curves using splines and lines. Download the blade profile i have attached then using  Tools - Sketch Picture insert the picture of the blade.

Step 2: Inserting the Picture

Picture of Inserting the Picture
Insert the picture, using the property manager reduce or enlarge the picture to what ever size you deem necessary, i chose about 3 inches as it was just about the right size for the 3d printer remembering that this is only the radius, the over all diameter will be just over 6 inches.

Step 3: Stations

Picture of Stations
Trace over the out line at each end of the blade with a vertical line. Next, we are going to divide the blade into 'stations' the reason will become clear later. i divided it up into 6 stations using the linear sketch pattern. Where the vertical lines cross the outline of the blade insert sketch points. the lines can be deleted except for the small lines at the opposite ends.
Now using lines, arcs or splines trace over the outside of the picture using the points as joints, then delete the picture you inserted to reveal the outline sketch of your blade, do this in the side panel.
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