For those who don't know a Perplexus is a puzzle/game. It has a clear plastic sphere with a maze on the inside. The objective is to maneuver the marble through the maze without falling off the track. Ever since I first saw one I wondered how I could make my own, now thanks to Instructables free 3D Prints, I can.  
I used Autodesk Inventor  to create my own, and Instructables to print it off. Instead of a clear sphere I decided it would be much easier to make a cube out of clear acrylic, I found a relativity inexpensive piece at Home Depot.
This is a complicated design (at least for me) so rather than showing how to make each part, because allot of them are mostly the same just on a different  axis, I will show the methods that I used to make them. 
Thanks for reading, and if you could any votes comments or rating are much appreciated thank you-Lucas

Step 1: Materials/Equipment

The things that you will need to make this:

3D Design software: I used Autodesk Inventor, so this tutorial will be based on that program  However there are free alternatives that you can use as well. Google scketchup perhaps. 

Access/Your own 3D Printer: Instructables has an amazing group you could join if your interested call "Free 3D Prints". Shapways and other online services will let you upload a larger object but it will cost you. 

Clear acrylic sheet (or cube if you could find one) I found one at home depot 

Small ball bearing or bead.

Saw to cut the acrylic with.

Glue and Tape to hold the cube together. Crazy glue and some clear tape for dry fitting. 

Micrometer or ruler

I really like this idea. have you ever printed this ans did it work?
I did 3D print it, but I did it in pla because it was cheaper. A lot of the peices were broken by the time they arrived at my house. I had it at half scale as well, so many parts were too thin. But I think it would work if you had your own printer to expirement with the wall thickness. Let me know if you end up building it I'll give you a three month pro membership if you want.
The original Perplexus is a labyrinth, not a maze: there is a single (convoluted) path to follow, unlike a maze, which constantly presents decisions on which way to to. A maze would, I suppose, be possible, but that seems an unnecessary level of difficulty.

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