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Introduction: Desk With Built in PC

 This is a desk i built from scratch with built in pc. The desk is currently being used as a server, an 8 channel dvr, it also has two diaplays showing live nyc traffics cameras in our dispatch office (not in pictures). I also use it as an everyday pc. The desk has a 1/2 inch plexijglass top that opens up with a piano hinge. I am in the process of installing some linear actuators so that the desk opens up at a push of a button to make it easier to access the components. The drawers/legs were bought from ikea.

PC specs,

p6t7 ws supercomputer

corsair 1000w psu

corsair tx650w (i had to add an additional psu because several connections would not reach)

2x galaxy gtx 460

core i7 980x

6 gb ddr3 ram

q-see 8 channel dvr

1 seagate 1tb hd

1 wd caviar green 1tb hd - in single 3.5 inch bay hot swap

2 ssd in raid 0 - intel 80 gb and 60 gb ocz vertex - in 4 ssd hotswap

1 ssd ocz onyx 30 gb - in 4 ssd hot swap as well

1 lg blu-ray rewriteable drive

one silverstone multi-card reader

one SIIG 4 usb port

5 led fans throughout desk

water cooling purchased from danger den:

dd-rad reservoir

radiotor (not sure of size, holds 3 large fans)

led flow meter




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    Hallo !. i was wondering, did you put totally black plexi glass or you used film ? how did you made those see-through squares right above your motherboard and also monitor(embbed) .??? thanks in advance . :D

    1 reply

    Sorry that's a mistake its not plexiglass. Its tempered glass. I used car window tint on the glass and cut out the squares myself with a blade.


    4 years ago

    Sweet setup, but where's the DIY part?

    I would just fix the cable management under the desk.

    No instructions on how you made it? Next time take pics as you go would really help others who are trying a similar project.

    Cool Desk thougH :)

    Hey can anyone help me connect these speakers to my computer. After reading up on it a little i realize that its probable a lot harder than i thought.

    3 replies

    Hi there! I like your project, is very cool!

    To connect the big speakers to the pc you'll need an amplifier. On the amplifier input connect the cables to the pc output jack connector.

    Another thing I would suggest you do : Instead of using multiple power supplies, extend the cables that don't reach. It'll do the job and less heat inside and less energy consumptions.


    Do i need any particular kind of Amp?..

    Yea i have been working on trying to get rid of the second power supply and doing some cable management.

    What type of speaker do you have? By the look of it I would say they are rated 8 Ohm, in which case you could use any home amp for the job.

    That's some sweet tech-bling, very nice.

    very cool! i was wondering when someone would do this...
    great work, looks like you bought it from the store like that!

    only one thing could make this better, iether integrate the moniter into the desk itself or have the moniter pop out of it with some linear actuators, but awsome work