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Introduction: Despicable Me - Fondant Minions

Another year, another birthday. My oldest son is now 6 years old! I can't believe it.

He is anxiously awaiting Despicable Me 2 and wanted a minion cake for his birthday with six minions of course!

They are simple and fun to make and add much personality to a birthday cake!

I only highlight how to make the minions in this instructable and not the cake construction itself.

Step 1: Body and Trousers

Like I said before these minions are super simple. You will need the following colors of fondant: yellow, blue, black, brown, gray, white and possibly pink if you make a tongue!

1. For the basic body, make an egg shape with yellow fondant. About 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall depending on desired size.

2. Using blue fondant make two half circle shapes and using a dab of water attach them to the sides near the bottom of the body.

3. Make a long thin rectangle from more blue fondant and wrap it from front to back - kind of like a diaper!! :) Again, attaching it with a bit of water. All pieces stick well with a tiny bit of water but don't put too much or you will have a sticky mess. Less is more in this case!

4. Roll out two snake shapes of blue fondant. Press them slightly to flatten them and attach them from the top corner of the front of the trousers to the top corner of the back of the trousers.

5. Make a small half circle for the front pocket and using a toothpick make little stitching marks on the pocket and along the top of the trousers.

Step 2: Headband and Eye(s)

1. Make a long thin snake of black fondant and press it slightly to flatten it. Using a toothpick make an indent along the whole snake in the middle. Attach it to the upper portion of the body or head part of the egg.

2. Attach one very tiny ball of black fondant to the front of the pocket. I didn't go to lengths to put the actual details on the pocket. It was just too small!

3. Roll a small ball of white fondant. Press it flat. Using gray fondant wrap a small band around the white circle. We are making an eyeball! Using a small dab of water attach it to cover the ends of the black headband.

4. Roll a small ball of brown fondant and an even smaller ball of black fondant to make the inner eye. Press them both flat and attach them to the gray wrapped white circle.

5. Make two very tiny balls of black fondant and attach them to where the trouser straps meet the trousers. Only on the front.

Step 3: Arms, Feet and Expression

1. Make two thin snakes of yellow fondant for the arms. Cut the ends off using a sharp knife to make sticking on the hands easier.

2. Make two small, hand sized, triangles of black fondant. Using a sharp knife cut two slices half way through the fondant. Using your fingers shape the cuts into fingers.

3. Attach the hands to the cut ends of the arms. Bend the arms if desired and attach to the body just under the tops of the trouser straps.

4. Make two medium sized balls of black fondant and attach them to the bottom of the body so the minion can stand on feet!

5. Using a toothpick make a facial expression for the minion by indenting the fondant. This one happened to be frowning but make any expression you want!

Step 4: Hair and MORE!

1. Using black fondant make very thin black snakes. Cut them to equal sizes.

2. Make holes in the top of the minion's head, dab the very end of one of the black snakes in water, stick it in a hole and bend it accordingly. Repeat for as many strands of hair as you have.

3. You are finished with one minion. Now make MORE!

4. Add them to a frosted layered birthday cake and watch your child smile with delight!

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I suspect this would be better with marzipan rather than fondant... that way they would be edible rather than just cake decorations. (Or do some people actually eat fondant?) Home made marzipan is really easy to make.

Very nice Job ! and (looks) so easy to make.

I made a link of your article to my blog related to the minions word (, I hope you are ok with that


I love these & I have linked to you in my ultimate round up of the most awesome DIY minion party ideas! :)

Made these last night. Never tried doing anything with fondant before so pretty pleased with the results. Now I need to make the cake!


You did an awesome job...especially for your first time with fondant. They even look great upside down! :) Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you! Here is the finished product ..


no idea why the photo loaded upside down!

I tried it an the final finish looked amazing