Despicable Me - Fondant Minions

Picture of Despicable Me - Fondant Minions
Another year, another birthday. My oldest son is now 6 years old! I can't believe it.

He is anxiously awaiting Despicable Me 2 and wanted a minion cake for his birthday with six minions of course!

They are simple and fun to make and add much personality to a birthday cake!

I only highlight how to make the minions in this instructable. The rest is pretty self explanatory. If you have ever seen my cakes in the past you will already know I refuse to cover a cake completely in fondant but love to make characters out of it!
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Step 1: Body and Trousers

Picture of Body and Trousers
Like I said before these minions are super simple. You will need the following colors of fondant: yellow, blue, black, brown, gray, white and possibly pink if you make a tongue!

1. For the basic body, make an egg shape with yellow fondant. About 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall depending on desired size.

2. Using blue fondant make two half circle shapes and using a dab of water attach them to the sides near the bottom of the body.

3. Make a long thin rectangle from more blue fondant and wrap it from front to back - kind of like a diaper!! :) Again, attaching it with a bit of water. All pieces stick well with a tiny bit of water but don't put too much or you will have a sticky mess. Less is more in this case!

4. Roll out two snake shapes of blue fondant. Press them slightly to flatten them and attach them from the top corner of the front of the trousers to the top corner of the back of the trousers.

5. Make a small half circle for the front pocket and using a toothpick make little stitching marks on the pocket and along the top of the trousers.
StevenMcFly20 days ago

This stuff is ... edible?!

wold630 (author)  StevenMcFly15 days ago

Yes, fondant is edible but I definitely wouldn't make it your snack of choice!

mgray212 months ago
Thank you for taking the time to write this out! I was about to buy a really expensive cake but decided to look into making my own. I think I can do this! These are so cute and my kiddo will be so excited! I'm going to do some crazy bad minions too. :) Really appreciate the instructions; as I am not crafty.
wold630 (author)  mgray2115 days ago

I'm glad you are trying this!

minecraftpop2 months ago
Cindy024 months ago
acura_girl666 months ago
On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard are they to make for a newbie
wold630 (author)  acura_girl666 months ago
I would say a three if you have never worked with fondant before.
1617lizzy 7 months ago
Theses are amazing I will never be able to make them. Proboly
wold630 (author)  1617lizzy 6 months ago
You could always try!
michael637 months ago
This is really cute, it looks identical to the one in the movie!! LOVE IT
wold630 (author)  michael636 months ago
Thank you and I'm glad you like them!
PeckLauros9 months ago
Wow! Nice job! I must make one of this! Thanks to share.
wold630 (author)  PeckLauros8 months ago
Post pictures if you make some, they are so simple and fun.
My minios! Now i will be the master of minions.....

wold630 (author)  PeckLauros7 months ago
Nice work! They look FANTASTIC!!
Thank you! I made some and gave that to my wife. She loved it!
savorthefood7 months ago
Nice project. Weren't the movies hilarious!!

Thanks as well for subscribing to my Instructables. Check us out at Savor the Food and Your Health . Claim your FREE e-book (Breakfast for your health).

Thanks again!!

Regards, Randy
wold630 (author)  savorthefood7 months ago
Thanks, I will check it out.
Looks exactly like them!
wold630 (author)  craft-n-genius7 months ago
I'm glad you think so - that was my goal!!
brenna11234357 months ago
wold630 (author)  brenna11234357 months ago
ilikecory8 months ago
where can you buy fondant and for how much
alvara29 months ago
wow....nice job
wold630 (author)  alvara28 months ago
Thank you.
Vignesh_Rao9 months ago
wold630 (author)  Vignesh_Rao8 months ago
meaniee9 months ago
Hello do you have a recipe for the fondant? :) I'm quite new to this so I'd like to follow a recipe :) Oh and how would you suggest packaging them? I'm making some for my friends but I don't know how to keep them in a plastic bag, like will they end up sticking onto it or get squashed?
wold630 (author)  meaniee9 months ago
I used store bought fondant but there are many simple recipes out there that you could try. They won't stick to a plastic bag but could get squashed.
Livliv9 months ago
Mine didnt turn out as awesome as yours (as my fondant kept getting really sticky in my hands) but they were really fun to make!
Thanks heaps!!!!
wold630 (author)  Livliv9 months ago
I'm glad to hear you made them!
coolgirl557559 months ago
Awe sooo cute I wonder if I can make Agnes
wold630 (author)  coolgirl557559 months ago
You could definitely make Agnes. She will have many details though!
This is soo cool! I'll se if I can make some of these with my dad when he has some free time... tho I'm not sure I'll have the courage to eat them! Lol Happy birthday to the little one and congrats! (also, thanks for sharing)
wold630 (author)  coralinecastell9 months ago
Thank you! I hope you get a chance to try them!
swagintodaclub10 months ago
Love this there so realistic to the movie
wold630 (author)  swagintodaclub10 months ago
Thank you!
sawhiggins10 months ago
OMG!!!! SO PRECIOUS! They are spot on, very good mama!!!
wold630 (author)  sawhiggins10 months ago
Thank you!

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