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Gorilla224 days ago

I can tell that you like food!

yonatan2413 days ago

How did you win in the sugar contest (for example), If you're a community manager?

wold630 (author)  yonatan2413 days ago
Hi! As a community manager I am not allowed to win any contests. The contests I won were before I was a community manager! Jen

So are you a new community manager? Because you pretty recently won in a contest...

wold630 (author)  yonatan2413 days ago

Yes, I just started. If you take a look at the profiles for seamster, tomatoskins and DIY Hacks and How Tos you will see they also have several wins! But they were only able to win those contests before they were community managers!! :)

The Juliart28 days ago

Thank you so much for following me! J

DIY_loverz6 months ago

loved ur instructables..followed you!

♥ Thank you for following me :) ♥ Amazing ibles I must say.

Thank you for following me! And I'm following you as well now, I can't believe I wasn't already, your projects are great!! :)

Thanks for following my InSTrucTaBLeS

sunshiine1 year ago

Thanks for following! Hope to see more of your great projects soon!


artlife1 year ago

Hey wold630,

hunter9991 year ago

Thank you for following! I subbed back as a thank you! :-)

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