The detachable projector wall mount is a DIY solution for hiding your home theater projector when you are not using it. I made this because I have a narrow living room and wanted to mount my projector as far away from the screen as possible, which meant mounting it to the opposite wall. However, I did not want to have an ugly projector permanently mounted to the wall behind my couch. This solution allowed me to both mount it to the wall and not have to always look at it.

This simple system allows you to install and remove the projector mount in a matter of seconds. All you need to do to attach it is to slide the attachment plate onto two relatively unnoticeable bolts that are anchored securely to a wall stud. To remove it, just do the opposite. Also, because of the limited amount of hardware required, all of the components can be easily stashed away until movie time comes again.

<p>Great idea! </p>
<p>I really like to see i'bles that are well documented like this, thank you. </p><p>I know this has nothing to do with the instructable but I had to double take because it looked like Johnny 5 as a glance taht is what made me click it.</p>
<p>I thought the same thing!</p>
<p>Very nice.</p><p>One suggestion would be some soft padding on the back of the plate (adhesive cotton felt pads or whatever) to avoid leaving marks on the wall.</p>
<p>nice :D</p>
Yes, it has only been a few months but earlier you published an instructable every now and then. This is the reason that a few months looks like a long time! :)
So, you are back again after a long time! Another great instructable :)
<p>Thanks.<br><br>...but it has only been a few months! :-)</p>

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