I made a Detouchable Converter Board.

For example, a converter for 2mm pitched SMD ESP-07 or ESP-12.

It can mount on 2.54mm pitched breadboard as a 16 pins DIP.


Step 1:

Double sided PCB.

Step 2:

These are the Pogo Pins.

They will be solderd on the PCB.

Step 3:

Pogo Pins and pin headers are soldered.

The Detouchable Converter Board set on a breadboard need only the space as 16pins DIP.

Step 4:

ESP-07 is mounted on the board and can be unmounted easily.

Step 5:

ESP-12 can be also mounted.

Step 6:

How to mount a module.

Step 7:

How to unmount.


That's just what I was looking for :-)
Can you explain the purpose?
<p>Clever idea.</p>
wow, its super, please can you share files for pcb?

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