Picture of Doctor Who - Simple Fridge Box Tardis
A big blue Tardis Police Box is a fantastic item to decorate any Doctor Who party, but a Tardis can be expensive to make and then awkward to store once the party is over.

We made this simple Tardis from a cardboard refrigerator carton and some paint. Hopefully you can make it for under $20, less if you have existing paint.

The items you'll need:

Fridge carton - Free from a large electrical appliance retailer. Larger the better.
Paint - Blue for body of the box.  Rattle can black and silver for the details.
Roller or brushes.
Printer - to print out the signs and windows.

Step 1: Box and Blue Paint

Picture of Box and Blue Paint
The first thing to do is paint the box blue. We used old-school blue enamel and applied it with a cheap roller that we disposed of afterwards.

Enamel gave us a nice glossy finish but took a full day to dry.
DirtyRed689 months ago

Thanks so much for the design ideas. I just picked up a huge box at Home Depot for my 7 yr olds Tardis Christmas present. Got the paint at Michaels, just needed the signs. saved yours and printed them out. Im going to use clear cellophane to make windows (still will use sharpie for panes) I think Im having more fun than he is!

ncheva46501 year ago
Looks great! Planning on building one myself with the instructions you have here. Does anyone know where I can get a fridge box (or any big box) without buying a fridge?
Icedvovo (author)  ncheva46501 year ago
I simply went to my local retailer. The bigger the better.

They have boxes for all their floor stock, and those that off delivery will usually bring the box back to base to be disposed of.
Cool! Thanks!
lisabower1 year ago
AWESOME...thanks so much for sharing. I am in process of making tardis for my daughters 8th birthday...will share once complete....thank you thank you thank you!!!! :)
nfk112 years ago
hey you can buy the actual fridge on thinkgeek.
HazelPethig2 years ago
I LOVE IT!! I am going out to find my own fridge box. My daughter will love this as the entrance to her bedroom!!
jordan5553 years ago
doctor who fans on this site to
oh so cool
tinker2343 years ago
wow amzing did you do anthing to the top
Icedvovo (author)  tinker2343 years ago
Thanks for the comment. We left the top just as is, with the original flaps.

I was going to add a turret but we simply ran out of time. In the end I think the effect was achieved without it.

We can also flat pack it for storage.

We like simple here. :)
It's bigger on the inside!
Icedvovo (author)  balloondoggle3 years ago
Haha. Yes it was, especially when we put one at the front door.
Xolin3 years ago
That's a really excellent and effective prop for a Dr. Who party - the signage makes it particularly effective. Well done!
Well. It appears I need a giant box.

Fantastic work!
Very cool!