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Litter pans are a problem.  Especially when you have a large cat who can't fit in a small litter box and a dog who considers cat poop a delicacy.  It's been a struggle to find a commercial litter box the cat can enter and the dog can't.  As a result, I decided to make my own using 2 storage crates I purchased from Wal-Mart for around $20.  The smaller crate sits inside the larger one creating a "foyer" so dogs can't reach the litter pan.  The roomy crate is large enough even for big male cats who have poor aim.

"Dog Proof" may not be as accurate as "Dog Resistent" or "Dog Challenging", but so far it has worked well in our household.  In fact, our dog has given up on raiding the litter pan so I consider it a complete success.  We have large retrievers who are much too big to fit through the doors, although small breed dogs could walk into the litter box just like a cat.  By altering the size of the door openings, however, this design should accommodate many cats & dogs.  Another feature of having a box with a "foyer" is most of the litter on your cat's feet will stay inside the large crate as they exit. 

Let me show how to build this inexpensive litter box for your cat...and not your dog.
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Step 1: Stuff you'll need ...

Picture of Stuff you'll need ...
This project requires very little in materials and tools to complete.  Here's a list:

30 gallon storage crate
18 gallon storage crate
The 2 crates need to be similarly shaped so they seat nicely together.

1 1/2" hole saw & drill
Scrap wood
4 wood screws
Small piece of mat or carpet
uWISHuDID1 month ago

I have two cats. I have looked and looked for a solution to the odor. My dog, a Puggle, does not mess with their poo, thank God. We recently bought a new home, and I did not want the cats to track any litter around in it. This is such a neat idea, that I am making it tomorrow! I agree that pet supply manufacturers should be mass producing this! What cat owner wouldn't give to get rid of cat odor. Thank you so much for this idea! Many blessings to you, and yes, I voted for this!

crank_girl9 months ago

Great idea! Gonna have to modify to keep my wily and small jack russell out though. I also think I'd put a bit of plexiglass across the top as I can't see my rather fussy cat going in otherwise.

PMStubbs11 months ago

The foam around the edge is a nice touch, but if you could put an edge that would "brush" the cat when it went in and out, it would help groom the cat and save time cleaning the upholstery. Love the idea, because my dogs think our cats are little pez dispensers too. Now if we could figure out how to keep them out of the stalls in the barn!

kentdvm (author)  PMStubbs11 months ago
Good idea. Even carpet would help knock it off their feet. We have horses also and that is primo stuff to our dogs too.
antdada2 years ago
I did the same basic design! You can paint the outside of it also to match your bathroom. I'm going to do Pumpkins lite blue container with grass and flowers on it! Also you can split a foam pipe and put around the cut out doors to give it a finished look! :) It's GREAT Idea!

I am so glad you mentioned finishing the edges with the foam pipes. I cannot wait to try this!! This may forever change our lives!

ejsilver261 year ago
Would you be able to off-set the doors to make it a bit harder to go directly in? I like this design as well, as we had that problem as well. We "solved" it by putting the litter box in the basement, and the dogs don't go down there. Only problem is that we rarely go down there so it doesn't get cleaned often enough anymore. I might try your solution. Thanks for a great 'ible.
This is a great idea, but my 17 lb cat is bigger than my 14 lb dog. I had a top entry catbox that worked great till my cat refused to use. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thought about top entry on the outer box and then front door on inner box.
kentdvm (author)  dwilliams801 year ago
An opening in the top would work just fine. Another idea would be to get the litter box off the floor so your cat had to climb up to it. You could build it into a perch or kitty "jungle gym". Good luck!
postula891 year ago
How do you clean it? Does it come apart?
I love the idea because my dog eats the poop as well. Also my older cat does not have good aim anymore.
kentdvm (author)  postula891 year ago
The inside tub lifts out. This has worked very well for us and our dogs. Good luck!
DustBunny2 years ago
I also like the fact that it doesn't look like a litter box.
sixsixzero2 years ago
Love it !
Slay.2 years ago
Hey, i loved your instructable so i voted for it! If you like mine you should vote for it too at:
sheryle2 years ago
we are going to try this ASAP. I hope works
russ_hensel2 years ago
Really nice work, I am inpressed.