Picture of Dog-proof your cables
So our puppy, recently teething, decided to chew her way through much of our furniture, and more dangerously, electrical cables (!)

This is just a quick instructable to suggest one easy way to armour up your cables, using shower hoses :-)

Caveat: You should be comfortable with rewiring electricals to proceed here. This is NOT an instructable on how to deal with household voltage AC devices.

Step 1: Cut and measure

Picture of Cut and measure
Based on the length of your cables (and reach to the nearest socket), find/buy one of those metal shower hoses. This one cost me about USD6.
dspathaky1 year ago
I wiped my cables with a rag soaked in olive oil and chilli powder as a deterrent. That worked too!
lmontalvo22 years ago
This is a great idea, I will most likely do this when we move.
twighahn2 years ago
i think ill use this for my puter cables
Honda Enoch2 years ago
Great idea. But seeing as our dog chewed through an aluminum conduit, this may not work for us. LOL
weemanrd2 years ago
Why cut the cable? why not simply open up the plug and remove the wires, then push the cable through.
juniortan (author)  weemanrd2 years ago
Oh. That's because there was a push switch in the middle I wanted to get rid of. If your wire length fits the hose length, just disconnect from the plug and push right through :-)
rimar20002 years ago
Oh man, this is great! I wish I knew about this idea when my dog was a puppy, she was terrible with wires! Thanks for the share!