Dollar dollar bills y'all, or how to make a dollar into a tiny shirt.

Massive credit goes to Clay, who put up the idea originally, along with much other money art.

Step 1: Gotta Have Cash Money

Get a dollar.

(Don't steal it though, as that would be wrong, and I'll judge you. Begging is okay, but if you're going to beg, you should do something for people in return, like hum the national anthem.)

Place dollar face up.
look at my shirt i made
Wait, how did you do that? Show me.
EPIC!!! quick instructable?
One word: How?
Great pictures, thank you! I've been meaning to look these up for some time, but keep forgetting. Logged onto Instructables, and here you are! <br> <br>Wonderful for making up a batch ahead of time in different denominations for tips. <br> <br>Thanks!
Ooo neat. At first I thought it was an actual tea shirt. <br> <br>But I guess it would go well on a mouse or a Barbie doll or something.
You mean Lincoln's nose! :D
your annoying
First off... I don't remember what I meant in that comment... and second off, how the frig is that annoying?
Oh yeah, because I was using a 5.
no because you postedf on every single page*
What the hell are you talking about? I only posted on that one.
I overexagerated you posted on one other step but still neither one of your posts were helpful in any way
Neither were your's.
nudge your notifications for trolling pleasure. Do it with a Franklin.
I had known how to do this for a while... however i forgot and this reminded me. It makes and excellent tip. We usually use another dollar bill to prob it up by making a stand of some type to prop it up. We actually had a waiter run out the restaurant.. and asked us about it.. anywho... great instructable, thanks for the reminder. <br>
finally got it but i liek the one guys shirt with the tie any idea how to add that?
do u think it would work with a 5 dollar note cause i live in Australia and our notes dont fold as good
I made mine with a $20 Australian (I also live in Aust.) our money is made of plastic so its hard to fold
Is our money made of plastic?
Yep, aust was the first country to use plastic notes. Australia also prints money for other countries<br/><br/>more info: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.dfat.gov.au/facts/currency.html">http://www.dfat.gov.au/facts/currency.html</a><br/><br/>@jeffreyf our notes are all the same height but get longer as the value increases $5 is our shortest and the $100 is the longest (we have coins for $1 and 2$)<br/>
Im amazed! I live in australia, and i cannot believe how you made that! Aussie money is hard to fold!
It would work with any US note. They're all the same size. I don't know about the Austrialian dollar, but I'm sure you can play around with it.
i just did my first one thanks for showing it to me <br>
I'm thinking about doing this to my 100 bills..
I loved it i made a shirt for my mommy
All I can get too is this
Devan campbell howd u make that shirt w/ tie? <br>this instructable is cool
great fun and well written too. <br>my money man is wearing a pullover vest with a dress shirt and slacks.
dude you rock but some how i mess up on the collar <br>
idk about u, but for me its jefferson and franklin! woot! soon i'll be payin for an ipod with a shirt or 2!
This makes an excellent last minute gift. I'm up a 1:00 in the morning and I just made one because I kinda forgot to get someone a gift...the party is in a few hours...thanks man, you're a life saver.
Wow that looks great. It looks just like an <a href="http://www.papayasun.com" rel="nofollow">Hawaiian shirt.</a><br />
Mexican Pesos are colorful and some sort of plastic... :) Bet that would look purty
mine always comes undone so im sitting on it right now
my version made from 5 of the queens finest £pounds
cute...i wonder if you could starch fabric and make a real tiny shirt
Nice origami dollar. say want to join the origami club. i added your t shirt in the club. come join us.
Mine is kinda small and useless
heres the new Us $5 (sorry little sloppy didnt put to much effort into it)
For mine Lincoln is covered :D
very cool shirt :p *do i smell a new graphic t-shirt?* oh nvm its just my dollar bill :D<br/>
Very cool man, I just did my first one.
what would be really cool is to be able to put a lego man in it
I'm planning on never washing the shirt in hot water and going on some sort of shrinking binge involving saran wrap, salt, and moonlit dancing. I'll wear that shirt one day! Does anyone have a "how to get smaller" instructable?
Don't you like this guy who made this Instructables looks a bit like you, noahw (Noah)?
i put some news paper together and made 1 big shirt its awesome.
Pictures, pictures, we want pictures!
this is really cool, good for a gifts in the future good instructable

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