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Easy Button9 years ago
gah the t shirts are still not in i want them so badly..
Easy Button9 years ago
hey did the t-shirts come in yet cuase i really want one
Easy Button9 years ago
hey jeffrey check my baseball instructable is it better?
jeffreyf (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
It is. I've made a few phrasing edits for you. I think it's something you should add to over time though. Keep adding stuff as you think of it, like how one pitches, and grips the bat, and where on the bat one hits the ball, etc. Many Instructables are works in progress that get better over time as authors improve them, refine their technique, etc. You should also probably open it up to collaboration with the burning questions group, and let people know you have done so.
ok thanks jeffrey! ill try those those things
Easy Button9 years ago
hey jeffrey on the how to play chess do you just need to say like where the pieces move and and give some scenarios? please reply thanks!
jeffreyf (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
I think that would be a good intro, sure. I know if you look on the forum thread latobada and llama13 were working on a chess Instructable. It would be great if you could add stuff in too, as I'm sure between the three of you it would be an awesome Instructable.
thesparine9 years ago
Hey thanks for welcoming me back.. I've been hella busy but I look forward to sharing some more instructables with you. You would like my friend todd, he makes those dollar rings and shirts all the time, and he can even make a dollar Elephant that is bad-ass.
Hey Jeffrey I will be making some new Instructables soon when I make them I hope you like them! :) (:
jeffreyf (author)  iPodTouchMaster089 years ago
I'm sure I will, and welcome to the Instructables community!
Thanks, Hey do you got a Wii?
wiis rock...what games do you have?
I got Wii Sports and I'm trying out NFS: Carbon from Game Fly!
try Zelda and COD III, both are amazing
Whats "COD III"?