Domo Kun is a funny character from a TV station from Japan.

I personally think it's a funny character. Thats why I thought I would build a night lamp of it with some stuff I had lying around.

It's actually pretty simple to make this. And I think it would make a nice night lamp for little children who like to have a light in their room when going to sleep.

In this insctructable i'll try to explain as easy as possible how to build one yourself.
The photos will help you understand it even better.

If you decide to make one yourself, show everyone your finished result :)

Step 1: Tools & Materials

The materials and tools i've used are not all necessary.
I had the stuff lying around so I was able to use it. Other materials and tools can be used aswell.

1. Cardboard
2. White paper (for the teeth)
3. Black paper (for the eyes)
4. Red thin plastic (or paper, doesn't matter. As long as it will let through light from the LED).
5. LED (I used a 10mm white LED)
6. Electrical wire
7. Glue Gun (hot glue)
8. Button cell battery (CR2032 3v)
9. Button cell battery holder (not necessary)
10. On/Off toggle switch (not necessary, you can make your own switch if you like)
11. Scissors
12. Pencil

As you can see you can replease some of the stuff lister above if you use your imagination :)
Made one
I love Domo Kun!&nbsp; When he&rsquo;s not chasing kittehs, he's getting nomed on by my cats (who&nbsp; loves to nom on cardboard for some reason). It's the perfect way to reuse cardboard and stuff at <a href="http://t2tcraft.com" rel="nofollow">t2tcraft.com</a>!
Hey, Gr8 idea im gonna make 1 now and i will make sure and leave pictures of it!!!!!!!
Instead of using a battery and switch, I took apart and modified one of those light-sensitive outlet lights. That way when the lights are off Domo turns on and I also don't have to worry about battery life :D I also used a black plastic bag for the eyes.
My first domo!
And you nailed it :) <br>Thanks for sharing your photo!
Nice !!
looks like hes got a tail :)
THE LIGHT !!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!
Don't know if you saw this, but your istructable was featured on walyou.com back in February of 2010.<br> <br> <a href="http://walyou.com/domo-kun-night-lamp/">http://walyou.com/domo-kun-night-lamp/</a><br>
Awesome tutorial! Now ALL may be lit by the awesome domo-kun lamp!
hey how do u hook everything up inside the thing cuz urs looks sooooo Awesome <br>
omg hooooowwwwwww do u hook everything up and at the bottom dow will it stay if u pick it up and where can i get led light bulbs or will a regular light bulb be ok <br>
omg i neeeeed 2 know if a regular light bulb would work cuz idk were to get led light bulbs <br>
Fantastic idea! I&nbsp;made one of these as a gift for my sister. My version is six inches by eight inches (I&nbsp;thought cm was too small). He runs off of an old five volt cell phone charger, so you never have to change the batteries. :) <br /> (Sorry for the horrible pictures, it was late and I was hyped up on sugar. Lol!)<br />
hey idk y but i really like ur domo thing i think its kool how do i add the switch and the fone charger???can u help me wit it <br>
Thanks, my sister really enjoys it. <br><br>Adding the switch and cell phone charger is quite tricky if you don't know what you are doing. <br><br>What I did was took a five volt LED and soldered it to some wires. Then I connected one leg of the LED to a switch which in turn was connected to one leg of the spliced end of the old charger. The other leg of the LED was then connected to the free end of the charger. <br><br>You can find instructions on how to do this on the internet. <br><br>Hope this helps. Good luck.
lol thx idk what im doing though?????im pretty young :?/ lol i dont get it 5 volt lol <br> what dat
Awesome! I like how it's a big Domo Kun :)<br /> Thanks for sharing the photos!<br />
* I&nbsp;also added a switch in the back so you can leave him plugged in all the time and turn the light on and off with ease. <br />
omg i need 2 no how they add the switch and the phone charger its super cool anf i dont always want to replace da battries can u help me out some1 just send me a email or something
great idea! i also made a pencil box too, both for my valentine =)) but the electronics shop i went havent got a 3V battery holder, so i used 2 series 1.5 V AA batteries =) so the ones like me can make it so ;)
Well... that just looks awesome, great job!
I made my first Instrucables! :)
Brilliant! :3
Not as bright as I&nbsp;wanted it, I&nbsp;even added some foil inside to reflect more to the mouth...And my camera sucks....<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;added a peice of printer paper that I&nbsp;scribbled with a pen for the eyes because black paper/paper with a marker doesn't let light shine through.<br /> <br /> But it still looks good, and I&nbsp;hope it will be a good gift.....<br />
what did you use for mouth? if u used print paper it wont work cus its not really see trough...
For the mouth, it was all just one piece of paper with a red marker so that the white teeth dont become pinkish when turned on. The paper I used worked. Not sure what kind specifically though, as I get scratch paper from the school my relative works at. Sorry.
but like thickish print paper or tracking paper? nwr mind, i you like it, ok...
It looks great! Especially for a gift.
what are the dimensions for the face<br /> i see the mouth is about centered, but how bigish? oh well, i think ill wing it, ive got plenty of cardboard, and i already cut a bit too crooked :P&nbsp;
&nbsp;would a regular lightbulb burn the cardboard from the inside?
this is awesome! i made with some stuff ling around the house and finished in an hour<br />
my valentines take on this one :)<br /> thanks for the inspiration!<br />
Looks very nice with the pink heart! Thanks for sharing the photos!<br />
the switch required too much force to put it into the box, even with extra rings, so i left it outside, added some insulation so the wires dont break off<br />
Hey, i just finished making one.<br /> <br /> i used a $5 torch because i couldn't find any led bulbs in the time i had before the shops closed. I took the torch bulb out and used the free battery's included. :D<br /> <br /> It got fairly complicated, i had to get my solder out after about 2 hours of fiddling, worth it though.<br /> <br /> here's some pictures :D<br /> <br />
Nice!&nbsp;Good job you did there!<br /> Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
That is awesome<br />
lol I'm with kissiltur - I think that Domo would scare *me* if he was staring at me at night!
looks great, i would use plastic for the eyes too.<br /> thanks for the tutorial<br />
&nbsp;Does it overheat?
No, LED's don't get hot.
&nbsp;1 word: EPIC
What a fantastic and simple Instructable. I have to make one for my son, one of these days. Thanks a lot!<br /> <br /> <a href="http://icanhascheezburger.wordpress.com/files/2010/01/funny-pictures-cat-hides-from-monster.jpg" rel="nofollow">icanhascheezburger.wordpress.com/files/2010/01/funny-pictures-cat-hides-from-monster.jpg</a><br />
Haha awesome photo there.<br /> <br /> Once you finish one for your son, share it with us :)&nbsp;Good luck.
Awesomeness to the third degree :D<br />
The only thing I&nbsp;would do differently is make his eyes light up, too.&nbsp; Other than that, great job!<br />
Thank you all for your kind comments.<br /> I was thinking about the eyes. Since their original black, you can not light it up black.<br /> But maybe going to try to punch small 1mm holes in it so some light will come through.

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