What could be better than a cookie monster made from cookies?!  I call these double cookie cookie monster cookies because this is a cookie sandwich. I don't think there's much better than that!  Nom nom nom!!!!

This cookie was brought to you by the letter C and the number 2! :)

This cookie is pretty easy and actually adapted from an incredibly delicious "secret" recipe I found on the internet.  Since the cookie does not get very brown I thought it would take food dye very well to make the perfect cookie monster blue.

The dough for the following recipe will make about 36 cookies or 18 monsters (depending on how big you roll the cookie balls).  However to get enough eyes, you will either need to buy a bigger bag of all white M&Ms or buy many packages of coconut M&Ms.  My 1.5 oz package had about 10-11 white M&Ms which was just enough to make 5 monsters.

The basic cookie recipe is this:
Cream Cheese Cookies

1 cup butter
1 sm pkg of Cream Cheese (3oz)
1 cup sugar
1 egg yolk
2.5 cups flour
1 tsp. vanilla

Cream butter and cream cheese . Slowly add sugar beat until fluffy
Beat in egg yolk, add flour and vanilla. Mix Well. Chill dough
For at least 1 hour. Shape into 1 inch balls. Place on greased cookie sheet.
Bake at 325 degrees for 12-15 mins.

If you do what I did (I removed about half of the dough to make the other kind of cookie) whee more cookies!  Use this frosting, it is AWESOME:
2 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons lemon juice
4 tablespoons of butter
1 grated lemon rind

Cream butter and add sugar slowly add lemon juice and rind.
Spread on warm cookies

My personal note is that this makes about double the frosting you need, so I'd either cut this in 4 or make more cookies to go with the frosting.

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 1 gather your ingredients
1 cup butter
1 sm pkg of Cream Cheese (3oz)
1 cup sugar
1 egg yolk
2.5 cups flour
1 tsp. vanilla
Blue food safe dye gel
white M&Ms (I used coconut)
Food safe Markers
Chocolate Frosting or chocolate melting chocolate (depends on what you have handy, the melting chocolate will make a more solid sandwich, the frosting a more moist one.  Frosting is easier, but unfortunately I did not have chocolate frosting on hand.
Cookie Crisp (not pictured as I forgot to put it in the ingredient photo, but this is a key ingredient)
<p>Can hardly stand how cute this is.</p>
Thank you!
<p>LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!</p>
<p>I love the name!</p>
These cookies are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
this makes me so happy!
Sooo cute oh my gosh have to make these!!!
OMG THIS IS aWsOmE!!!! :) So totally making these when I get the chance.
try and say the name 5 times really fast it's hard to do BTW i love your ible!
I made these two days ago, and they were all gone within 24 hours! These cookies are delicious :)<br><br>I followed the recipe to the letter, so I'm not sure what I did wrong, by my cookies came out much flatter than they look in the picture, I wish I knew why. Because of this they needed loads of space on they baking tray, so I'd advise only putting maybe 5 on at a time and spacing them out a lot. Also they did brown a bit on the edges in my fan oven at 325 F/160 C, so I turned it down to 150 C and they cooked in the same time and looked a lot better.<br><br>I assumed shop-bought frosting would be grim, and I didn't want it to go hard like melted chocolate, so I made up a simple chocolate buttercream and filled them with that, which was equally if not more tasty.<br><br>UK bakers tip: Seeing as we don't have white m&amp;ms or white Smarties in the UK, I substituted those for white chocolate buttons to make the eyes. For the pupils of the eyes, as I couldn't find food-safe markers easily, and icing seemed overly elaborate, I used a small paintbrush to dab black food colouring on to the buttons. Worked just as well but had to apply two coats to get them looking right. Not as artistically perfect though.<br><br>Thank you for the instructable!
Fantastic! Post a pic if you have one! The only thing I can think of for the cookies flattening more is that maybe they warmed up too much while being rolled into balls? I try to roll them quickly and stay hands off afterwards. The original recipe without dye that has lemon icing is fantastic, the icing melts all over the cookies. I made a half batch of each while making this instructable.<br>Glad you made them!
Here's some pics, including a close-up :)<br><br>Hmm, maybe that was it. They seemed fine when balled up, but rather sticky, perhaps needed a tad more flour. Was the dough you made very sticky when you rolled your cookies out? <br><br>Lemon icing sounds fantastic, I can imagine that would work really well.
Great work! Mine were not at all sticky, so it could be the flour, but I also measure everything pretty consistently, so I am not sure if it is that or the dough wasn't chilled enough, as it was pretty hard when I removed it from the fridge.
Thanks for that, I will make sure I measure it all out more carefully next time (British girl here wasn't used to using cup measures), and I'll keep the dough in the fridge for longer :)
These are awesome!! But I'm a little sick that the small cookies are actually breakfast cereal. Gawd!!
No! Please don't freak out. <br>My mom always thought they were cookies too, and never let me have them, ever!<br><br>One day though, I went away to college. I was in the dining hall, and there was a long row of cereal dispensers, and one caught my eye: Cookie Crisps! I would finally taste the forbidden fruit! Sorta.<br>I filled up my bowl and poured milk into it, bringing it back to my table.<br>I closed my eyes and took a bite, expecting sinful sugary goodness.<br>I was deeply disappointed.<br>They are just like any other puffed corn cereal, comparable to Kix or Cap'n Crunch.<br>I would be surprised if there is even any cocoa in them.<br>I actually called my mom to tell her that she had been wrong all my life.<br>Then I went back to my dorm to sob over my depraved life.*<br><br>So rest assured, they aren't actually feeding kids cookies for breakfast. It's just a visual kick.<br><br>*Ok, that part didn't happen.
Oh, that is funny! And good to know. I wonder what forbidden cereals my daughter tried after she left home. The most sugary thing we had was Cheerios.
I love love love these cookies! Hope you win! :)
OMG These are Adorable! You do Cookie Monster Justice! Awesome! Had to share them on my CraftBliss Facebook page and link back to you. Thanks for sharing! ~Dee
Is there any other candy that might work instead of coconut M&amp;M's? I have to be wary of allergies to coconut if I want to make these.
Oddly enough, coconut M&amp;Ms contain exactly no coconut. I won't say they're allergy safe, but...
Alternatively, you could do a dab of white frosting with a much smaller dab of black for the pupils for the eyes. Might even be more realistic.
They sell plain white m&amp;ms, I've seen then at michaels. The other option, which is seasonal is to find holiday m&amp;ms, ie valentines ones have white, red and pink. Or you could use any white candy you can find, eg gum balls or smarties, since even plain m&amp;ms seem to have the risk of being packaged with peanuts.
That is SOOOOOO cute!!!
@RollerScrapper; Sweet! I've sent your Instructable to my cooking relatives AND tweeted it. Cheers! :) Site
Wow thanks! My views doubled overnight, it must have been your tweet! :)
Me want cooooooooookies!
You could probably make them into Oscar the grouch cookies by changing the color green and having gummy worms come out of his mouth.
That's an awesome idea!
Winner! This is awesome!
Thanks for the nice comments! I had lots of fun coming up with these!
This monster cookie is sooo cute.
AGGHH!! These are quite possibly the cutest thing I've EVER seen. Me want cookies! I can't wait to try them out form my daughter's birthday!
I think this makes you Cookie Monster's hero.
This is the cutest cookie! What an adorable idea! Nom nom nom...

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