This tutorial will show you how to make a dragon costume for an industrial robot.

I got a good deal on a FANUC LRMate 200IC/5h industrial robot for experimentation at home. As my daughter is quite fascinated by the machine, I wanted to give her the opportunity to play with the robot, too.

Alongside to sewing the costume, I programmed a dragon-like motion sequence. I can send you the code upon request.

This is the first time I touched a sewing machine, so please excuse any amateur mistakes. It's about the dragon after all. And I'm proud to say that my little one loves hers dearly.



The Dragon Costume is a conceptual object. It's part of a project investigating how our children might become a generation of robotic natives. Please see the project page for more information.

Step 1: Get the Sewing Pattern

Download the sewing pattern file. I also made a tiled print-at-home version that fits on DIN A4 pages.

<p>This is so clever! I love it. </p>
<p>Very disappointed that there wasn't a video of the robot moving with the dragon costume!</p>
<p>Good Start</p>
Although I found it interesting I also have reservations regarding children using an industrial robot. I have worked in an automotive environment with these robots for 25 years. In the untrained hands with no safety guards or a prohibited zone programmed they are dangerous. Since these are a 6 axis articulating robot each axis is capable of speeds up to 2000 mm a second which means by the time the collision detect registers it has hit something it's too late. Just my 2 cents worth thought u should be aware.
would love to make a load of these and sneak into somewhere like BMW, fit up a load of robots just to see the look on the faces of the next shift when they came into work.<br>Great INST .
<p>I love this project!</p>
<p>This is awesome! I used to program a Motoman robot similar to this in one of my classes a few years back. Great way to class it up! If you ever get a video of it moving in costume I'd love to see it! </p>
<p>Wow! If you've never touched a sewing machine before you did an amazing job!! I sew all the time and I'm not sure I could make something that cute!!! </p>

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