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I started a new job at a school last year as the new Art Technician. For the christmas show the school was doing Shrek the Musical. The students and I produced set and props for the production. Included in this was a puppet head to use for the Dragon character. Here is how it was made :D

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Im currently trying to revamp the art dept at the school where I work and part of that I getting a laser cutter. I want to show the students how to design things for the machine and hopefully inspire and inform them of possible options their futures could take in the world of art and design. I also want the students to design and produce things that they can sell for the school to generate more income for the dept.
Right now im currently working on various ways to raise 50k to do up the dept (as you might see from the backgrounds in the pictures its going to take A LOT of work) and winning a laser cutter would be a ginormous help to bring the art dept up to date.

Step 1: Make a Plan

I had to think of what to make the head out of with the resources available to me in the art department. I also had to think about how the puppet was to be used by the kids in the production.
I decided that wire was the best thing to make the frame from as it would be light.

First step - make a plan
Using wire and a glue gun a made a small maquette to work out the form
<p>fantastic!! I wish the teachers at my kids' high school were as creative! Hope you get your laser cutter....I would sell my kidneys on the black market just to buy one lol!</p>
<p>Hi</p><p>It was a huge hit with all the students and families :)</p><p>and we did finally get a laser cutter! Its great to be able to get the kids with completed projects so quickly :D</p>
The Body.....?!?!?!!?
was a huge piece of pink/purple shimmery material to cover a person. Was perfect as the school only has a small stage
This looks great! Do you have any pictures that you could post of the person actually wearing the costume? We're doing Shrek the Musical and I'm just trying to figure out how we can make a dragon too.
Sorry I havent but inside behind the eyes is where a persons head goes and the puppet comes to around their shoulders. There is soft fabric and foam so it can actually rest on the head. The wooden dowels are attached parallel further down the nose so can be controlled easily. And then just a large purple shimmery piece of fabric draping over the persons back covers them (they wear colour appropriate clothes to blend in). <br>
It was beautiful! I would like to see her flashing eyes.
That is an excellent Dragon head. She's even cute IRL! If you'll be making some more awesome projects like this one, consider applying for <a href="https://www.instructables.com/sponsorship/">sponsorship</a>.
That's fantastic! I love seeing how big pieces like this are built. :)
thank you!<br>got a couple more things am going to post up :)

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