Duane Reade Loyalty Card Reuse Guide

Credit Card Grappling Hook style
The credit card grappling hook is a whimsical little project that combines a credit card, some simple hardware, fishing line thread, and a sewing machine bobbin.  It's functional for light grappling d...
The DR Afro Comb style
Add volume to your afro with the DR Afro pick
Credit Card iPhone Stand style
If you have a membership card that's expired and is just taking up space you can turn it into your own iPhone or iPod stand with just a few cuts. I used a Dremel to get the job done here, but you can...
The DR Table Shim style
Fact: It's easier to eat your lunch when it's not sliding off the table
The DR Utensil style
Grab your bread and start spreading
The DR Mustache Groomer style
No more messy mustache
The DR Shoe Lift style
Studies show the average male is 5'9....or is he?
Toothpick Card style
Have an old credit card or savings club card lying around?  Follow this simple pattern and turn it into a set of pocket toothpicks in just a few minutes! This design will work with any plastic wallet...
Fix a Broken Nintendo with an Expired Savings Card style
Perhaps, like me, you have an old NES and have come to discover that no matter how many times you blow into the cartridges, the game just won't load. So, you looked up on the internet how to get your ...
Card Pot Scraper style
Got stuff stuck to the bottom of your pots?   Don't want to scratch up your nice All-Clad with the green side of a sponge?  Here's a cheap and easy solution:  reuse an old plastic card! Over the year...
Hair Clip style
As anyone with long hair knows, forgetting a hair clip or ponytail holder can be a real pain in the neck.  There's no need to resort to plain rubber bands and damage your hair in the name of conveni...
Plastic Paper Clips From Recycled Gift Cards style
Do you ever want a paperclip that's at least a little different then every other paperclip out there?  Metal paper clips are really useful, and do a great job, but sometimes I just want something a li...
Cubicle Flower Pot style
Watch your rewards grow!  Take an old store loyalty card and bring nature into your office or home. Simply cut the rewards card as shown, fold up the sides, add some dirt, seeds, and love and watch...
Cheeseboard Tags style
Three cheers for fromage! What to do with all those loyalty cards from local drug and grocery stores? Make them the talk of your next party with friends.  With the help of my friend Matt -- an expe...
Letter Opener from a Used Club Card style
I open up a lot of mail at the office!  Normally when a new package comes in, I'll break out the box cutters and cut what I need to get it open.  When it's all said and done, I've occasionally cut wha...
Dollar Rewards Club Mini Harp style
A Dollar Rewards Club mini harp may be perhaps may be one of the easiest and cheapest instruments you can make. Who needs to spend thousands of dollars on a real harp and thousands more on receiving h...