For a long time, I've wanted to make a duck out of duct tape. It's made out of newspaper, cardboard, dowels, a couple of black marbles, and lots and lots of tape.

I hung him in my office where he acts as my own personal attack duck to scare off my enemies. So far, everyone just says "aw, that's cute."

They'll not think he's so cute once he pecks their eyes out.

Read on to see how to make your own!

Step 1: Body Base

For this project I began by studying some photos of landing mallards. When I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted this to look like, I began the body by creating a bean shape out of newspaper and tape.

Sculpting with newspaper and masking tape is easier than you might think.

You begin by just wadding up newspaper and wrapping tape around it. You can mold it into the shape you want by nipping and tucking the wad of paper together and putting tighter pieces of tape in place.

To add more material you just tape on more wadded newspaper, and a sharp knife can be used to remove material. I've found that a heavy duty snap-style utility blade with the blade extended and locked in place works very well for carving and shaping.
AWESOME!<br>I will do this one day...
<p>This is SOOOOO cool, great idea</p>
<p>This is awesome. LOVE it!</p>
<p>i`m working on it!!! XD Already made everything just have to make it not silver LOL!</p>
Wow! This is amazing! I've got to make this now!
Use for waterfowl hunting, maybe?
I would love it if used a owl
WOW. NEED THIS. (yes I am duck obsessed)
ME TOO!!!!!
Can you make one that's a falcon.
Nice! Do you do cats as well?
Sure! Do you want to buy a duct tape cat?
how much would you charge somebody to make one for them? my artistic skills are ridiculously horrid.
epic i like the creativity.
Just spotted this- brilliant!!
Wow. This makes my tape butterfly look really lame. Great job:D
Nice duck! ) Good idea!&nbsp;<br> <br> <a href="http://art-on-line.com.ua"><strong>Modern Art</strong></a>
Thanks! And right back at you! <br><br>I don't know about you, but I'm REALLY excited about the flip camera. I've wanted one for quite a while. Great contest, huh? Keep up the good work!
So have I! and now I can do videos for my instructables instead of just pictures!
that is really cool. no wonder you're a finalist!
Nice instructable but c'mon, you have to admit you are an artist...
Ha! I'll take that as a huge compliment. I'm no artist. I just like to make stuff in my spare time to distract me from my day job!
meant only as compliment! and even artists have day jobs. :)
we all are that way, well except for minors like me who dont really have day jobs cept chores. we like to make stuff with our spare time and extra stuff to distract us from our jobs(day jobs and for minors homework) but seriously your an artist. i mean really. you made that work of art from nothing but newspaper and tape. good job very well done. <br> <br>vote for mine insulated duct tape coat. it took me a lot of time, effort, and duct tape to make it
Seriously awesome skills here. I have my own entry in the contest but had to vote for this too. Nice Job.
Thank you for the compliment. <br><br>Your ipad folio instructable was very well done. I'd make one of those for myself, but I lack the ipad!
he turned out AWESOME ! ! to make him scary how about some fangs aka count duckula !
yes, and some droplets red duct tape blood! That's a great idea.
Coolest ever. Really makes me want to make something I have no use for :D
you are king of duct tape and i bow before you saying&quot; i am not worthy&quot; <br>favorited and voted for sheer awesomeness
Thank you!
brilliant - can the same method be used for seagulls?
Wow! I am in awe!
Wow, nice work!
Naaaw, its cute :)
real cool.....thanks for sharing...good day.....

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