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Yonatan241 month ago

Congrats on 100 Instructables! :)

seamster (author)  Yonatan241 month ago

Thanks buddy! It took me 8 years, but I finally got that gold medal!! : )

I also hit 8 million views with my 100th instructable, which I was really excited about. That's awesome of you to take note and offer congratulations.

High five from me to you!

I remember hitting 50,000 views (in total) when I published my Magnetic Pegboard Instructable, which made go crazy, because it's about 1.5X the amount of people that live in my city. Same with my first follower... :)

I don't know why I figured it out, but someone clicks on one of your Instructables on average every 30 seconds. I think I figured it out correctly

I was really proud when i got my ibble featured for the first time.

I remember when my first one got featured. I remember seeing the email, and being totally shocked!

Niii Pawww11 days ago

how do you become a community manager at instructables?

seamster (author)  Niii Pawww11 days ago

If you're active in the community and passionate about creative things, that's a good starting point. If you've got some professional experience making customers happy, that is highly desireable, as well as the ability to demonstrate good judgement, patience, flexibility, and good communication skills.

Then you've got to apply when we have an opening (see jobs link at bottom of page), pass a couple of interviews, and get offered the job. It's a full time job M-F, 40 hours a week and we generally stick to standard office hours on US time.


for the nice comment you gave me, i gave you a follow!

Proud Daddy1 month ago

thanks again for your comment, its my first ible, and I had forgotten to take some photos, but I would value any critique if you have any, I plan on posting more soon!

seamster (author)  Proud Daddy1 month ago

Hi! The best advice I can give is actually the same I gave to TnComm, below. Check out the featuring guidelines, and put a little extra effort into the main picture you use as your cover/thumbnail image.

Welcome to the site. I think you'll love it! :)

TnComm2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback on my Instructable.

Now that I've learned how to better write and present an Instructable, do you know if my older Instructables that we're not featured can be reworked and considered for featuring? Or am I better off just moving forward with future Instructables and not worry about fixing previously posted Instructables?

Thanks in advance!!!

seamster (author)  TnComm2 months ago

I took at look at the dutch oven cilantro soup one and featured it. That looked pretty good! Here are some tips going forward:

- Try to include a photo in every step.

- Put some thought into setting up a really enticing cover image: bright, clear, in focus, and frame up the subject in a way that highlights it without excessive clutter. The difference between a regular feature and a homepage feature is often just the cover image, and how concise and applicable the title is (on top of all the other feature criteria: http://www.instructables.com/community/Featuring-C...)

Your photos are excellent. Keep that up. Entered any contests? If you haven't, be sure to enter anything pertinent if your projects meets the theme and are in the eligible dates (you can enter a single instructable in up to three).

Hope that helps give you a little guidance! Cheers,


TnComm seamster2 months ago


My new goal is to get the 100% Featured star like you have!

Ethan10233 months ago

Question: Where is the place that you (or someone else) is standing in front of the waterfall (in the second picture at the top of your overview page?