Duct Tape Rounded Rose Pen





Introduction: Duct Tape Rounded Rose Pen

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Get Your Pen and Measure a Strip of Tape to Cover It If You Want the Cap to Fit Leave a Little Room

Step 3: Flip the Tape

Step 4: Place Pen on Tape

Step 5: And Roll

Step 6: Get a Strip of Tape and Cut About 2inch Squares About 8-12

Step 7: Get Your Square and Fold Like Shown

Step 8: Do That With All Squares

Step 9: Cut a Rounded Edge and Repeat

Step 10: Place Petals on Pen

Step 11: Place on Opposite Sides

Step 12: Wrap Petals Loosely and Scrunch the Petal to the Rose

Step 13: Cut a Strip of Tape

Step 14: Cut Into Two Boxes

Step 15: Fold Like Shown

Step 16: Place on Rose

Step 17: Your Done!!



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    I like how you cut the pedals!

    Please comment if you would like me to post more duct tape instructables

    wow really neat. I'm gonna make a few of theses to jazz up an ordinary bouquet of red roses.