Duct-Tape Body Building.





Introduction: Duct-Tape Body Building.

Make instant muscles, make a sewing dummy, or just clone yourself using a roll of duct tape, an old t-shirt, and a pair of scissors.

Be careful with the scissors.



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    I love this idea! I want to try it with my middle school and high school students as a base for their designs.. but I need to figure out a way to make it stand up on its own. Any ideas for a base??

    1. old lamp(ones with the shade) take the light out and form body, drill hole through foam body and glue on or just stick the pole through the foam if you can do it without breaking
    2. some metal, plastic, or wood pole with a weight for bench pressing taped on bottom
    3. make this with pants, but when the foam is expanding let some out of the bottom of the mold onto a heavy base,(i.e. a sheet of plywood), epoxy legs onto body.

    (this comment may be a little late but oh well)

    I know a custom boot maker that does this same thing with socks and duct tape to have a reference to make the fitted boots from.

    I like this! But is thee any way to make this bigger?

    Yes, more duct tape.

    This is really cool. I first I thought it was pretty much a silly waste of tape. But my son was considering some sort of "body armor" for his "Airsoft" and paint ball tourneys. I am considering making "plates" out closed cell foam or "chloroplast" and taping in Velcro closures in the back. Of course Duct tape comes in all colors, including camouflage.

    I was thinking that a good armor mod on this concept could be to cut old junk cd's into fourths and tape them by the inner-radius point to the surface. Tape them in rows, and overlap and offset to cover the gaps like scales or shingles, row by row. Cut-up plastic bottles could also work well as dragon scale armor.

    Ah, but then he can't get all of those fun welts, or as I call them - trophies.

    This works really well as a body form for sewing if you plug the holes and fill it wih expanding foam insulation (you can even stick pins in!)...just sayin..

    I like Skyeside's idea of filling the cast with foam and using it as a dress form. Skyeside, did you have any problems with duct tape goo staying on your pins when you stick through it?