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Today I'm gonna show you, how to make a real looking beard.
I made them for a biggest larp battle in Czech Republic called Battle of five armies which is inspired by Hobbit (the book, not the movie!) 

You will need:

- oakum
- fabrics
- rubber band
- thread and needle, scissors
- paper and pencil

- jewelry
- batik colors, hair colors


1) Make a template from a paper according to your face and chin. Then cut it and try to put it on your face, so you can adjust it. After that copy the pattern to the fabric and cut it out. Cut the mouth hole in half and then fold the fabric and glue it. It will reinforce the base. After that sew the pocket for the chin.

2) Then just sew stripes of oakum onto it. There isn't much to say, look at the photos and you'll get it. Sew the moustache part horizontaly, not verticaly as the rest of beard! After that just attach a rubber band.

3) Now you are almost done! You can also dye beard so they would match to your hair color or you can simply hide them under some hat (or, as in my case, under the helmet). In the end just make some pigtails and/or add some jewelry and proudly wear them! :D

I hope you like this instructable and I'll be glad for any comments!

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so i ordered some oakum and i did not know it was trated with oil. do i just wash it out or do i need to find some untreated oakum?


2 years ago

I am dying the oakum in cooked elderberry water mixture - hopefully it will dry without getting to thick .I am trying with batik colors too - when ready i show the results.

Hey, I just bought some hemp. Is there anything you can do about the smell? Are there any ideas how to dye it (for brown hair color)?

3 replies

Well...I'm not sure...Just wait until it airs out. (mine smelled really terrible, so I know what you are talking about :D )

And you can try to dye it with batik colors or hair colors ;)

You could also try to wash it ;) but I haven't tried it yet, so I can't really tell if it will help or not :/

I found some in a "marine & hardware" store. Had a touch of oil on it though. Washing removes the smell.

You didn't mention the quantity of oakum that was needed. The local plumbing shop sells them in 1 lbs (.45kg) bags for about $10 USD. I realize my question is highly subjective, but for the beard you created, how many lbs did you use?

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Well..I don't remember, but I guess it was something about 300g and I bought it for about 70czk (cca $3 usd). But the quantity depends on you ;)

I'm working on GROWING an epic Dwarven beard. ;) But nice ible.