I love beards. I have always wanted one! I was looking at Halloween costumes for research and I came across this dwarven beard on Think Geek and really wanted one. But then I thought: I can make that beard out of yarn! BOOM. Dwarven yarn beard, here we go!

I wanted a full yarn beard that was comfortable to wear and easy to make - and I didn't want to make any trips to the store. :D My first draft was made from red yarn and I really over complicated it, but I finally figured out the best way to do it.

And then best part about this yarn beard? It's light and easy to wear (thought I can't promise your upper lip won't sweat. HA!), and you can also make it in an afternoon!

There are more photos on the last step, too.

P.S. We've got some other fantastic yarn beards around the site - if you want a more rigid and full beard, check out this instructable by Lux Mirabilis - SUCH A GOOD BEARD.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • 2 skeins acrylic yarn - I'm using Lion Brand "Fun" yarn in brown
  • matching thread
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • measuring tape

And that's really it! Make sure to have a camera or mirror nearby the whole time to check the fit. :D

<p>If you don't want to have the sag, you could use a strand of beading wire (the coated kind) as a frame, and braid the yarn around it.</p>
<p>Adding wire is a great idea - thank you! </p>
<p>I had not much time to make a Halloween costume, so I had a rough idea of what I wanted to make (Ended up much different), but I'm quite happy with the results. It's not precisely a dwarven beard, but... Good 'Ible!</p>
<p>Hi! This looks amazing. I am making viking costumes for my kids and will definitely use these instructions. Now, the beard will be for my boy, my daughter refuses to be a bearded viking (despite all out of the box thinking efforts on my end :-) but she would like to have long viking hair in the same style (her own her is rather short) that could be attached to a viking helmet. Any hints on that? Thanks so much!</p>
<p>I`ve just made it and it turned out fabulous, I`m making a Viking scarecrow - don`t ask! Thank you for the easy to understand instructions</p>
<p>What should I do differently if I need a braid-less beard?</p>
<p>For a braid-less beard, just attach the moustache to the initial braid and leave it hanging loose. Add the rest of the beard around that. You may have to do a little extra trimming to get it to line up. :)</p>
<p>This is AWESOME although I didn't really like the look of the braids on the front, so I just left them out. Great Instructable :) </p>
<p>ohhhhhh rainbow beard!!! now I need one of those :D</p>
<p>Awesome Instructable! I have never felt more attractive in my life than when I wear this beard. :)</p>
<p>two thumbs up!!! That looks awesome. :D</p>
<p>You crack me up. Great instructable, - i need the matching wig :) </p>
<p>Ha! That's what my cousin said - "Jess, make me a wig!" :P</p><p>And then I warned him he'd probably look like Raggedy Andy</p>
Such a Cool project :) Took me 3 And a half hours, but came out pretty badass:) thank you very much for the inspiration
Hey, Jessie! When I made my beard, I just wound the thread around the yarn, instead of sewing it. When you wind it, you can still adjust it after it's been wound!
<p>Saw this instructable and knew it was a great idea for my sister's birthday (which was 2 days away), she loves LOTR and the Hobbit. Made it in a few hours and gave it to her on time! She loves it! I'll be looking at your leather working instructables soon, I'm trying to get into that as well! Thanks!</p>
A wonderful cross between Maid Marian and Gandalf! Good job! I also loved, and voted for, your weaving with cardboard instructable. It keeps my sisters busy while my mom reads school books to me. Good job again!
<p>I quite love this, i need to get myself some yarn and try this, if only i was more ' dwarf-sized'</p>
<p>I've spent about a good month doing this and I am absolutely infatuated with the end result.Thank You! It was simple and easy to understand instruction! Thank You so much for creating a way that didn't involve running out to the store to buy more things! </p>
One of the most wonderful girls in the world!<br>Be good;)
<p>Very cool! I was a rabbi a few years ago (for halloween of course). I might have to bring it back now that I can have this beard!</p>
So Gimli's right! There is such thing as Dwarf Women!
<p>I just finished making this for my husband for Halloween. It's very cool looking&mdash;thanks for the instructions! I think, though, that mine would have worked better if I had used the long braid for the mustache and the add-on piece for the beard. The mustache part keeps drooping down. Maybe we'll try a wire, as Kangel1 suggested.</p>
<p>This suits you. You could rock this on a daily basis.</p><p>I mean in winter, obviously you wouldn't wear a dark beard in spring or summer.</p>
I'll make this!
<p>Put the awkward face pics back in!</p>
Best beard ever. Use white yarn and make it a bit longer and-BAM-you got Dumbledore=P
<p>Thanks for the great instructions. This is fast and fabulous! I used some furry eyelash yarn that's been sitting around in my stash for years, and it's perfectly warm, fluffy and comfy to wear.</p>
<p>Gandalf, is that you?</p>
<p>WHAT YESSSSSSS</p><p>That looks so good!!</p>
excellent idea and very well done and written...a black or white color beard would have been much better <br>
<p>You should make one to match your hair color. ;)</p>
<p>Let me know when you're ready to toss that pesky ring into Mount Doom</p>
<p>I'm thinking next Monday because the Nazgul are making it hard to sleep :(</p>
<p>Awesome has been just redifined,</p><p>Thank you so much for this :)</p>
<p>Love the photos. Awesome project.</p>
<p>Glorious beard. Very well done. </p>
I love the beard.<br>Sparky
<p>Good thing you braided it! Without the braids it would go from &quot;Dwarven Yarn Beard&quot; to just, a regular old yarn beard. These pictures are hilarious, especially when viewed out of context. Thanks for using yourself as the beard model for added effect, LOL!</p>
<p>Haha, you are too cute!! Even bearded you look fabulous! :)</p>
<p>Haha! Thanks lady! :D</p>
Great job! Looks Awesome
<p>Thank you! I am pretty proud of it.</p>
<p>Ha! Love it. Could also be great for AHS bearded lady costumes...</p>
<p>Thank you! And you're right - hopefully bearded lady costumes will be everywhere this year :D</p>
Thank you for doing this. Ace!
<p>You're welcome! :D</p><p>P.S. Excellent username, hahaha</p>

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