Picture of EASY Floppy Disk Notebook
I know there are a lot of instructions for this one already, but I found a way to make a notebook out of floppy disks that is cheaper and easier than the ones I could find.
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Step 1:

Materials needed:
Two 3.5” floppy disks, paper, scissors, ruler, hole punch, rubber band

Step 2:

Step One:
Cut the paper into 30-50 sheets of 3.5 inch squares.

Step 3:

Picture of
Step Two:
If the lock is covering one of the two holes on the end of the disk, open it up. Line the disk up with the paper and mark where the holes should go. Punch holes through the paper.

Step 4:

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Step Three:
Line up the paper so the holes are even with both disks. Cut a rubber band and thread it all the way through both holes. Tie the rubber band back together in the back.

Step 5:

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If you ever run out of paper, just snip off the rubber band, refill, and re-tie!
Like the idea, and this one is a lot easier to do than the first 'ible I saw on this.
Also, it's the first real use on for a couple of those floppies that I knew would be useful when I bought them a while back.
Here's mine, did it pretty much the same way you did.
Hmm quite good