EL Wire Motorcycle Tron Helmet





Introduction: EL Wire Motorcycle Tron Helmet

I always liked the tron movies and Daft Punk and I wanted one of the cool helmets to wear it with my scooter .

Luckily the tron movie costumes were made with EL wire and EL Tape and that's available from many electronics stores like Sparkfun.com and adafruit.com

This instractable will be easy to build but need patience and Daft Punk music :)

Step 1: Parts

Part List:

  1. Your helmet (any kind).
  2. EL wire* (any color you like).
  3. Duct tape or double face duct tape.
  4. Glue gun.
  5. Batteries*
  6. Alligator wires (for prototype only).

*The EL Wire I used in this tutorial is 2 meters and specially made for cars , it need 12V from the car lighter .

* I used 2' 9V batteries connected in series = 16V to light this , it should be OK.

It should be fine if you used shorter wire or larger , It depends on your design .

*The batteries I used was received from the electronics build night by Jameco .

Step 2: DESIGN

This mod should be permanent , so you should be sure about the design.

First you should imagine a design and draw it on a paper or do like me and just start with duct tape .

Put the duct at the angles and try to tension it to see how it will look.

note: the double face tape I used was a complete fail and pain , so I used normal duct tap .

Step 3: Test and Redesign

After building your design prototype with duct tape , light it up to see how it really looks.

If you like it , start gluing with glue gun under the same places you put the duct tape and the glue the straight lines .

In my case I needed more enhancement to the design .

Step 4: Turn on and Enjoy Your Ride ;)

This mod was made at Cairo Hackerspace.



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Where did you put the batteries? I would love to do this with my helmet, but I do not want to compromise the protection. I have used EL wire on my backpack. I got mine from radio shack. I would use a 2 part epoxy to attach the wire for an extra strong hold.

EL Wire starts to fade after a while, so you could be in a bit of a pickle if you've welded it to your helmet.