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Introduction: EMP Generator

This is a easy, portable and cheap DIY project to make a electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Follow the few steps and you got yourself your own EMP to disable or destroy electronic devices (this EMP is only strong enough to destroy a calculator).

Step 1: Schematic

I made a easy to follow schematic of the device.

basicly it`s just a coil thats connected to the capacitor whit a switch on the positive wire.

I used a DPDT switch to arm and fire it. If I turn the switch to the right than it charges the capacitor, in the middle it´s off and to the left than the voltage goes to the coil.

Step 2: Parts & Tools

For this project you only need 4 parts (thats what I used)

- DPDT switch, I would recommend using a plastic switch so you won't get a nasty shock.

- Thick isolated copper wire.

- Disposable camera.

- Some wires


- Soldering iron.

- Soldering tind.

- Desoldreing pump.

- Tape.

- Toilet paper roll.

- Cutter plier.

Step 3: The Coile

Making the coil:

Make a small hole on the top of the toilet paper roll and stick the wire thru the hole like shown in the picture.

Take the copper wire around the roll 7 times.

Slide the copper wire off the toilet paper roll and tape the coile when you get it in its shape.

Step 4: Removing & Soldering

Open up the the camera and take out the circuit board but be careful if you get your fingers in the wrong place than you are going to get a nasty shock (if the capacitor is charged).

Remove the flash and the switch for the flash.

Solder 3 wires to the charge switch as shown in the photo and just follow the photos and the schematic.

Step 5: Finish

Now you are ready to do whatever you need a electromagnetic pulse for, you can make a nice enclosure for it to. I am not responsible for any destroyed phones or damage!

If you have any questions or tips to this project than post them in the comments, thanks for viewing and check out my channel for more projects.



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Hola como puedo hacer para ampliar su poder asta un alcance de 50 metros aproximadamente? gracias

Hola, he buscado informacion en español sobre todo lo que tenga que ver con PEM pero no he visto nada bueno, dan por hecho muchas cosas .. sobre lo que he leido para conseguir mayor alcance, la bobina tendria que tener mas vueltas de alambre o el circuito deberia funcionar con mayor voltaje, he visto que ocupan 4 baterias de 9 volts y aun mas pero en ese cso cambiaria el circuito.

Si tuvieras algo de informacion sobre PEM basico en español te lo agradeceria.

How would I go about making this thing directional??

With great difficulty!. You could try a parabolic metal mirror.

You could use one charging circuit connected to a bank of capacitors connected in parallel. But if you make it too powerful, the EMP will release everythinh in the spectrum from radio to x-radiation. So if you are in the blast radius, you might end up with cancer.

Note: if you do make it powerful. I recommend using a directional antenna

false, the energy released from this is and can only be a electro magnetic pulse,

pumping more power into a microwave wouldnt give you the amount of radiation, so why would this do that, and its not even on the spectrum related to radiation

Wrong! An electromagnetic pulse is made of multiple frequencies (harmonics) though they tail off in amplitude the further you get away from the base frequency. If the Pulse duration is, say, 1ms that's a base frequency of 2khz, you then get odd harmonics at 3x,5x,7x etc. Just Google for square wave harmonics.

It's just not the truth. Or you've got no idea what you're talking about.

Demonstrations (see YouTube Videos) indicate this device works on devices only in very close proximity -- in some videos only when this EMP device is literally IN CONTACT with the "EMP-ee". How can its power be actually TRANSMITTED?

It works by charging up the capacitor then releasing all the stored power in one short burst