Picture of Easy Breezy Pinwheel Light
This fun & easy project will liven up a children's room or nursery.

**disclaimer!**  If you are using incandescent light bulbs, please allow yourself PLENTY of space between light bulb and paper pinwheels! We use compact fluorescents, which give off little heat.

Step 1: Assemble your supplies

Picture of Assemble your supplies
I used an umbrella-shaped piece from an old chandelier. It really was the ugliest thing in the thrift store, but it's been broken down into two light fixtures now. If you don't have a structure to put your pinwheels onto, you could chain them together and dangle them as well to great effect!

I also used card stock-weight paper, construction paper would work well.
brads from a craft store
scissors (don't tell Ryan Gosling I used my fabric scissors, lol! )  
darning needle or other large needle to poke a hole, glue gun
I used a rotary cutter and mat, but if you don't have those things, it's still pretty easy to cut a square!
Also pictured is thread that I didn't end up using.

Step 2: Cut your squares

Picture of Cut your squares
I cut 5x5inch squares and thought it made a nice sized pinwheel. You could go smaller, but it may be hard to go much bigger.

I estimated how many I needed and came up with 15 and cut them in all different colours.

Step 3: Cut in from each corner

Picture of Cut in from each corner
Cut towards the centre of your square, starting at each corner. Leave a space in the centre of each square like an invisible 1 inch square. Repeat for all of your squares.

Step 4: Poke out 5 holes

Picture of Poke out 5 holes
With your darning needle, poke a hole in the same corner of each 'triangle' shaped piece of your square. Poke a hole in the very centre as well. 
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Very cute! I could see this being done with all kinds of origami. :)