Need files to hold your magazines or notebooks or papers? Don't want to pay for those fancy files? Here's instructions on making a free file for your stuff!

Update: These holders are not that sturdy when heavier items are placed in them, such as thicker magazines. And there's a gap in the front of the holders because of the size of the box. But if you can find smaller boxes, the same concept would work.

I used post office boxes that I had left over from sending other stuff. You can use any kind of box about the same size. Suggestions have been cereal boxes, reuse boxes you have around the house or whatever.
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Step 1: Get your boxes

A good size for the box is 11 7/8" x 3 3/8" x 13 5/8". One box will make two holders.

Step 2: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Utility knife
Decorative material (optional)

Step 3: Assemble Box

Picture of Assemble Box
Assemble the box so that it is closed on both ends.

Step 6: Tada!

Picture of Tada!
Now you've got two file holders from one box!

Step 7: Additional customization

Picture of Additional customization
Cover your boxes for a more decorative look!

1. Disassemble the box and reassemble it inside out so the brown side is out.
2. Decoupage the box
3. Spray paint the box
4. Paint the box
5. Wrap the box with wrapping paper
6. Be lazy like me and keep the USPS labels showing
cinderbelle6 years ago
These are perfect for my second graders. I've already ordered my boxes. Thanks for the idea!