Don’t skip this year’s Halloween party because you spent most of October watching football or settling in at school. We’ve got 20 quick, simple Halloween costumes that will make you the life of the party. If you can use scissors and tape, with a dash of sewing skill, you’ll ready to take on any one of these creative costume projects. Roll up in style dressed as giant toilet paper. Turn the classic sheet-ghost into something a little more original. It’s never too late to throw something clever together, so get started with these and you’ll be rocking out to the Monster Mash in no time.

What could be better than quick, inexpensive, creative, and simple Halloween projects for procrastinators?

If you're reading this before September, try one of these projects for the well-prepared.

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Wade Wilgus
A severed hand that twitches and grabs at those who come near! Make a convincingly gruesome addition to your Halloween costume or a tool for the perfect April Fools prank: Of course, it isn't really s...
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This costume will not take you longer than 30 minutes. You will be a roll of toilet paper. People will laugh. It will cost you around $35.
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I made this for protection during cardboard tube tournaments ( http://www.tubeduel.com/ ). It protected me well; I took second place and I believe I would have won had the final match been allowed to ...
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I made this octopus hoodie for a halloween costume a few years ago but I thought it'd be fun to post instructions for it here. You could probably wear it around town as just a regular hoodie too, it's...
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Do you love Legos? Do you want to be one? Well now you can be one. I made these for halloween last year and it was a BIG hit. People are still taking about it. All you need is a few things from around...
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This is an adorable boy/girl costume that is quick and easy to whip up using things from your child's wardrobe.
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In the Halloween TV Special "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" our hero apparently has some trouble making his ghost costume as it has eye holes cut out all over the bed sheet. We wanted to recrea...
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For halloween I want to be the red guy on the away mission, lol. It's sad cause I don't think a lot of people will get that joke.  Anyways as part of the costume I need a starfleet badge.  As I am a s...
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Rice and Potatoes, two multi-talented gals on the notions floor of Britex Fabrics stitched this up in time for Halloween. Using only a needle & thread and three items, this easy to make flapper headba...
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This is a cool and easy way to make your feet look like hobbit feet. It only takes about five min. and the stuff you need is stuff you could find around the house!  You need: Elmer's Glue    (tacky gl...
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You may have heard of THE AQUABATS! Yes? Well now its your turn to help make the world as Un-Negative as possible by making your own Anti-Negativity Helmet! The MC Bat Commander just loves it when all...
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