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Hello, I was told by "DIY hacks and How Tos" that you are the contest manager.

I wanted to ask you, will there be a K'nex or Rods and connectors contest this year?

taloskriti2 months ago

Thanks for the T-shirt, the pro membership and the patch!

YAY! Another T shirt - Thanks!

Thank you very much for the pro membership and the patch!

Thank you for the pro membership and the patch ! I just wanna ask if there is gonna be a wax contest or rope contest ?

19kevers5 months ago

hi ?

pj200?5 months ago


Have the prizes for the host with most contest have been shipped because I have not received

any email confirming shipment

Thank you

Um.. I need your help.. :p

I want to publish an ible but it keeps telling me to verify my email. I get it done but it doesn't go to the next page. Do you know what's wrong?

email service@instructables.com and they should be able to help you out :)

Zombiebites9 months ago

Thank you for the pro membership! Much apperciated :)

Puffpuffbam10 months ago

ok thanks

Puffpuffbam10 months ago

so danger is my middle name if you get picked to judge a contest but it's a contest you want to enter, I'm guessing you can't enter. (Btw. Thx for the pro membership code and the badge)

Judges are not selected until after finalists are announced, so if there's a contest you want to enter go ahead! If you are not selected as a finalist, you can still judge the contest :)

Coolloom11 months ago

which contest can i take judging in maybe hiding place

Danger is my middle name (author)  Coolloom10 months ago

If you want to be a contest judge, sign up here http://www.instructables.com/community/Call-for-co...!