Danger is my middle name

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ok thanks

so danger is my middle name if you get picked to judge a contest but it's a contest you want to enter, I'm guessing you can't enter. (Btw. Thx for the pro membership code and the badge)

Judges are not selected until after finalists are announced, so if there's a contest you want to enter go ahead! If you are not selected as a finalist, you can still judge the contest :)

Coolloom1 month ago

which contest can i take judging in maybe hiding place

If you want to be a contest judge, sign up here http://www.instructables.com/community/Call-for-co...!

Can I be a judge?

If you want to be a contest judge, sign up here http://www.instructables.com/community/Call-for-co...!

Omnivent2 months ago

Hi Fair Spinner,

Sorry that I've been so rude to delay this thank you note, for the win, the pro and the badges - been trying to learn how everything works here, when time has allowed (still have to get on top of the badge thing - is it much different from just uploading a small graphic?), so not totally sure of the customs in this hood.

Please tell me I'm not seeing things, because I think I saw a 3 month pro in my inbox earlier on, but now it's gone with the wind/year?

How wrong I was... Having seen only your small icon previously, I thought it was a blurry render of Spiderman :-P ;) Sorry.

Anyway, thanks a million and have a really great day :)

It looks like your currently have a one year pro membership that is currently active and a 3 month pro membership waiting in the wings when your year expires :)

Hope that helps!

Yes, thanks, I'm being spoiled :)

I just found a subscription-or-something page (dang, lots of places with bits of info) that told me Admin was the happy donor - Is Admin a real live flesh, blood and feelings device or did all you "guys" just throw a little something together, at a mech shop during lunch hours - IOW, would it just be wasting bandwidth leaving a thank you note for Admin?

Thank you again, you must be weary of all us ignorant b1ff's :)

Admin just means anyone with admin powers :)

Don't feel bad for asking questions, we were all new once!

Aha, a little bit of each and a dash of lightning... I feel Mary lurking in the shadows ;)

Oh, I'm not feeling bad for asking, just for wasting your time - I'd imagine that you're already strung up.good.

Don't worry, you're not wasting my time! This is literally my job! haha

Not sure who else to thank, so you're it.

I just received a T in a very agreeable color, with a sew-on and a couple of stickies, so thank you very much :)

Oh and sorry to hear about your hard job, but then, someone has to do it ;)

You're very welcome!