Danger is my middle name

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You have some great stuff!


hm, that's very strange. You should email and they can pass it along to the whoever needs to see it and get it straightened out.

I just did that
and they already answered
Thank you, I will keep this email from you
( Take a Pic of it)
and send it to them
SparkySolar2 months ago

Just a curious question, I was told, that it was almost considered rude to ask for votes.

Am I correct?


Yeah, asking for votes in that way is frowned upon.

Ok,Thank you

Do you hoop dance?

Ys, I do :)

So do I :)

Awesome, it's always cool to meet a fellow hooper!

Danger they rejected my costumes identity thief, and deviled egg to the super hero and super villians contest. they are villians. can you fix it?

Hm, they should be added now :)

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much.