Picture of Easy IKEA SUNNAN hack (non destructive)
Easy IKEA SUNNAN hack (non destructive)

I always have a lot of stuff moving in the shop-window of my toy shop. To make it a bit lighter on battery consumption and better for the environment  I use the IKEA SUNNAN to make toys solar-powerd. The SUNNAN costs about 15,- euros in Holland and has a great solar battery charger with the batteries included.

This Hack is easy and non destructive to both toys and SUNNAN.

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
  • Some double wire
  • 2 or 4 flat ANP-connectors
  • Ikea SUNNAN LED-lamp
  • An electrical toy

  • Crimper
  • Wire stripper

Step 2: Make the cable

Picture of Make the cable
To make the cable:
  • Strip the last 5 mm from your wire. (if you have thin wire, then fold it double)
  • Put the stripped wire in the flat ANP-connector (The most common flat connectors will fit. The color will depend on the thickness of the wire you use)
  • Crimp the connector on the wire with the crimper
  • Do the same for all four wire-ends (two wires * two ends)
You will end up with a cable with two connectors on each side.

Step 3: The solar module

Picture of The solar module
The solar module
  • Get your Sunnan lamp
  • Push the solar module out off the lamp (just push from the bottom, you won't need any tools)
  • Turn the module upside down
  • Put the connectors from one side of the cable in the slots in the bottom of the module (they should fit nicely)
lnoels4 months ago
Je kan natuurlijk ook gewoon een stroomadapter gebruiken en aansluiten op het stroomnetwerk.
kenyer (author)  lnoels4 months ago

ja dat kan natuurlijk ook, maar dit is echt veel leuker toch? :)

lnoels kenyer3 months ago
kenyer (author)  lnoels3 months ago


Even in the rest of the Netherlands it costs 15 euro's ;-) i purchased 2 today and was amazed by the flood of light it emited after the batteries were charged. It would do very well as a bikelight :-)
kenyer (author)  Rich_Limburger1 year ago
I'm not allowed in the rest of the Netherlands so I only know what they cost in Holland :-)
Making the SUNNAN into a bikelight would be a really cool project. Let me know if you do so.
:-D k i will, i'm looking into some info to make a quick 'n dirty bikelight out of it together with some elektroscrap i have.
kenyer (author)  Rich_Limburger8 months ago

cool, i just voted for the bike-light. Thanks for the heads-up

So the light from the lamp powers itself and the crane??
kenyer (author)  jackjackboom2 years ago
hihi, LOL. Would be great if the lamp could power itself :)
Well, the solar module from the lamp powers the crane. Or it can be put back in the lamp.
Ohh. I see. But that would be cool to connect both the lamp and the crane to the solar supply.
kenyer (author) 2 years ago
Twee in serie is misschien wel net genoeg voor een Arduino. (heb ik nog niet geprobeerd)
diy_bloke2 years ago
misschien ook maar even een gaan halen. Goed idee
This is super clever!