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I've been building projects from Instructables for years but have never really had the time to post any of my own projects. I've found myself with a little extra time lately though and decided it was time to start giving back to the community. So, for my very first shot at an Instructable, allow me to present (drum roll please):

Bunk Beds! (and there was much rejoicing!)
(from wikipedia): A type of bed where one bed frame is stacked on top of another.

Like Minivans, the more children you have the better bunk beds start to look. And unless you are lucky enough to live in nice big house where everyone gets their own room, the ability to stack your children at night provides more floor space for things like desks, couches, and toys to trip over.

Unfortunately, bunk beds can be pretty pricey - putting them out of reach for most people. Worse than that, most of the production bunk bed frames on the market that I've seen are pretty flimsy - and I just couldn't justify spending $1,000 to have my kids spend 8 hours a night, 5 feet in the air, worried they were going to come crashing down every time they rolled over!

The good news is, you can pretty easily build a bunk bed that is rock solid, looks great, breaks down easily for moves, and is completely modular - and for only $125 - $200 in wood and supplies.

What do I mean by modular?

Once built, this bunk bed can be assembled as a traditional stacked, one-over-the-other bunk bed frame; as an L-shaped bunk bed, where the bottom bed is only half covered by the top bunk; or even as two separate beds sitting on the floor - all with minimal effort to change around once the pieces are built.

The only power tool you absolutely need is a drill, but having some kind of saw and a hand sander will make your life easier. I'll go over the materials in the next step.

I have 4 kids, and made two sets of bunk beds. There are some style differences in the two (see pictures above) but the one big lesson learned from one to the other was to incorporate that safety bar on the top bunk.

All of the instructions in the guide are for version 2 (with incorporated safety bar)
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aking141 year ago
LOL, just reading a list of most recalled items last week, and bunkbeds were on the list. If you're going to use them, might be a good idea to read back through bunkbed recalls, and make sure this doesn't have any of the flaws mentioned.

Because you're unconscious and the top bunk needs to contain you, people can get hurt or rarely even die from things that aren't obvious at first glance.

fogdor1 year ago
I love the beds... But noticed the steps in the garage to the upper level... Did you make the steps? If so I'd like to ask you a few more questions a out them. Pls email me....
Edgar1 year ago
I have a neat pack of Instructables to talk about, today on my Blog, and your's one of them! :)

Also, your kid with the Hard hat, if that's not a Poster child for Hackers, Tinkerers, and Gizmo Makers, I don't know what is! LOL
The Valiant (author)  Edgar1 year ago
Thanks and thanks! Kids can't be happier than when banging a nail into a block of wood. They just need opportunity, they come with creativity and enthusiasm built in!
Yup, empowerment is as fun as it is seriously promissing!
cjf1 year ago
nice 'structable (and beds)
Wow! Fab. beds, and fab Instructable! Was very impressed by the safety gear you and your son wore too. Thanks so much for posting!
The Valiant (author)  porcupinemamma1 year ago
Thank you!

When we're young with like to think that safety gear is for 'old folks' but it's so important when working with power tools!
blkhawk1 year ago
Congratulations! Great job! I just added it to my faves.
The Valiant (author)  blkhawk1 year ago
Thanks so much!
I love all the tips and tricks you included - this is such an awesome build. They look great! :D
The Valiant (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Thank you!

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