Picture of Easy Pope Costume (optionally No Sew!)
This is a very simple pope costume for a child (though it could easily be modified for an adult).

It only took us 1 night and about $20 to make this costume. 1 trip to the fabric store for the trim pieces and taffeta.

After our trip to Italy in 2010, we decided to recreate some of the memories for our Italian costume theme.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1 - white button down shirt (adult-sized for a kid's costume)
2 - yards of white satin-y/taffeta type material (main part of the costume / hat covering)
1 - blue robe (for use as a belt -- we used some graduation honor cords we had around the house)
2 - 8.5x11 sheets of thin craft foam (the basis of the hat)
1 - can of spray adhesive
1 - 1' of light blue fringe trim
1 - strip of light blue fabric (sash)
2 - cross appliques (iron on)
1 - 3' wide/fancy gold ribbon (hat trim)
1 - small square of red felt (inside of the hat)
1 - big/fake plastic "diamond" ring
1 - hot glue gun / glue sticks
1 - sewing machine (optional)
5? - safety pins to hold things together

Step 2: Shirt and Cover

Picture of Shirt and Cover
One of the easiest parts of this costume is the repurposing of an old button-up shirt as the cassock. Instead of having to sew a simple gown / cassock - we took one of Dad's old shirt and cut the collar and sleeves off (shorter). We then used the "hot glue" sewing technique to form a false seam in the sleeves. See picture.

The cassock is then tied around the waist to form gown-like gathers using the blue rope.

The shiny cover over the cassock can best be described as a big "football" shape of taffeta (with a hole in the middle for the head). This overlays the cassock and hangs down to about the knees, slightly wider than the shoulders. We actually sewed a seam around the edges of the football and neck-hole, but one could easily use the "hot glue" sew technique again.
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