Picture of Easy Ragdoll Makeup
An easy step-by-step tutorial, for a fool-proof Halloween night!

Step 1: Base

Picture of Base
Start with a clean face and apply moisturiser, or foundation primer, all over your skin. This creates a base for the makeup to stick to.
lolson11 year ago
Well done!
Wait wait wait? Why is she carrying a rabbit while showing off rag doll makeup?
Luke01012 years ago
Cute rabbit
armstk1802 years ago

I would like to say a famous Persian saying that says: "every flower has own particular smell " meanings which we can not compare the smell of flowers to gathers , each one of them has other smell and impossible to comparing

So i think you with or without makeup are beautiful ! and you are a real actor

Take care ....
Nomafestu2 years ago
You are one gorgeous lady with or with out the make up
Kiteman2 years ago
That's surprisingly effective. Well done.