Introduction: Easy and Cheap Touchscreen Stylus

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An incredibly easy to make stylus and if you have most of the material's, a cheap one too.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

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All you need for this is:

Steel Wool (I used Liberon Grade 0000)
A Pencil ( one with a rubber at the top) (that's an eraser for Americans)
And you need something to cut the Steel Wool and something to compress it into where the rubber usually is.

Step 2: Cut the Steel Wool

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Cut what you think you will need an then some, unless you have a small amount ( I had an entire 100g pack) this is not a problem.

Step 3: Prepare the Pencil

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Simply pull out the rubber on the top of the pencil.

Step 4: Finish Off

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The last step is to put the steel wool into the part where the rubber (eraser) was. Use something to compress the steel wool into it. You should get a small amount of Steel Wool protruding from the top. Congratulations, you've done it!

Step 5: What Mine Looked Like

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Just a few images of what mine looked like. Notice the protruding Steel Wool at the top.


Eldalote (author)2014-04-11

Great idea!:) but won't it scratch the display?

tasn1003 (author)Eldalote2014-04-14

Yeah, I thought it would scratch the screen too.

carfin33 (author)Eldalote2014-04-12

It depends on the fineness of the wool.

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