Boiled eggs as dessert ?
No of course not :P
This recipe perfect for Easter, is made

Step 1: You Will Need It :

- 8 eggshells
- vanilla extract

-You need eight empty egg shells.
So break with  help of a sharp knife  a hole for the yolk and white.

- Wash the shells with water and vanilla extract for no eggs smells anymore.

- put it to dry

- Reserve it ;)

<p>I have to do this NOW!!!</p>
Votado! Delicioso!!!
Muito boa essa sobremesa! Votem! :-)
Igor bocoka !
Lol i gotta try this :D
Eggs with a punch, EXCELLENT.
I'm not into easter, but this is downright awesome!
I din't it for easter hehehhehe<br>In fact , this was the first time I did :D
These are so clever! I totally want to try this!
it is very delicious ;)
Can't this be done easier with those plastic eggs from Easter?
Better not, because you need to break the shells how you use to do with boiled eggs :)<br>look step 7.
:P yammiiiii Malyyyy
I would like to eat it mary !<br>could you do for me ?<br>:D
done to be featured ! yesssss <br>very happy about it
Not even featured Mary ! it looks good and delicious :P
Ovo com fios de ovos? Humm......

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