Elephant Laser Phonestand





Introduction: Elephant Laser Phonestand

This is a phone stand for elephant lovers. Cute little elephants holding up your phone with their tiny trunks.

Step 1: Draw Elephants

Draw 2 elephants. For the second elephant make the legs 0.115 inches longer. I drew mine on Autodesk Inventor and then converted it to AutoCad 2015.

Step 2: Laser Printer

Print your elephants out on a laser printer. Print out 2 of each. 2 big ones and 2 small ones.

Step 3: Make a Base

Make a base on Auto Cad.

Step 4: Laser Printer

Print out the base on a laser printer. Print out only 1.

Step 5: Enjoy

Glue the 4 pieces of elephants. One elephant glued to another elephant. Once you the glue has dried out just snap the legs to the base :)



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    Awesome idea, design, execution! Very original! I have access to a laser cutter, so could you possibly post the inventor files. If you could that would be much appreciated!

    if you look up on the comments i have posted .dwg files. if you cannot find them just let me know and ill put them on this comment

    I like this design quite a bit. Very unique and original!

    Are you going to share the cut file?

    Awesome, thanks! I think a lot of people will enjoy duplicating this project.

    looks cool but I don't really understand what you use it for...

    You lean your phone or small tablet onto this, resting it against the bottom of the trunks and their foreheads. For watching videos and so forth.

    of course..... obvious now! thanks

    thanks seamster! and yes thats what you basically do. the trunks also have a little whole inside them if you just want to use the elephants as a key chain