Emergency Kayak Rack


Introduction: Emergency Kayak Rack

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Was walking around a local sporting goods store and saw a kayak with a broken chord and a scratch. The store manager offered me at cost pricing if I wanted it. ($300 off)

Now how to get it home?

Step 1: Walmart to the Rescue

Walmart was just down the street.

purchased a cheap knife $.88
2 lashing straps $8.00 (will use again)
Pool noodle $2.00
Anti slip rug underlayment $3.00

Step 2: Slice and Dice

Cut noodle in half. Then cut slit into the length of both halves of noodle.

Step 3: Anti-slip

Cut anti slip mat to desired specs.

Step 4: It Dosent Need to Be Pretty!

lay it on top of your rack or your roof.

Step 5: Tie It Down

All Done!

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    I agree. I neglected to mention I run a line fore and aft & I use 2 ratcheting tie downs. One trough the front door area and one through the rear door area. It holds it in place fine at highway speeds.

    I used to use those Styrofoam blocks but I lost one in the middle of the night about 100 miles from home and had to make do to get home. It worked so well I never replaced the lost Styrofoam block @ $35 a pair..

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    That sucks! No fun investing in somthing that your not even using... I actually found a universal roof rack mount on amazon for $30... hopefully it's here before the weekend! I'm hoping it dosent blow off. If it does that means the kayak went with it....lol

    I mostly only clicked on this to find out what kind of emergency it would have to be for this to come up.
    A bargain emergency is the best type of emergency :)

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    You are cheating - you already had a car top carrier. I just use a big beach towel to protect the car roof and the ratcheting tie downs. Additional I run a length of parachute cord to the front grill to keep the yak from shifting and turning crossways in the wind.

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    You should also run a cord to the back bumper region for emergency braking safety. Otherwise, we are birds of a feather in this approach.

    Considering I was only going in couple of miles I didn't worry too much about tying you down too much. I did use the lashing straps wrapped around the skirt rim to prevent it from sliding back and forth. Once my kayak rack shows up I will be using the lashing straps I purchased to go from the nose and tail to the vehicle for extra security.

    I wouldn't exactly call it cheating. I just so happen to use what I had on hand. I did state in step 4 that the noodles could be laid on top of the car. I would have done extra tie downs but I was only going in a few miles. At this point I'm just waiting for my kayak racks to show up.