Picture of Entwined hearts
I wanted to make a Valentine gift for my wife.

Something special.

Something unique.

Something that shows exactly how I feel.

Step 1: Starting.

Picture of Starting.
A famous sculptor once said that the way to make a carving is to look at a piece of wood, see the image within it, and cut away all the bits that don't belong.

Since I make most of my projects that way, that seemed a reasonable way to go.

I started with a short length of branch that had been sitting around in the warm since before Christmas.

Using a junior hacksaw, I cut four wedges out to make a long cross.
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Kiteman (author) 4 years ago

Entwined Hearts merchandise is now available!

you could use a scrollsaw to make these by the dozen I like it

Kiteman (author)  HansGraveman19 days ago

Well, since I made it as a gift for my wife, "by the dozen" wasn't really in the grand scheme...


Nice job! Hoping to start working on this really soon. What kind of wood would you recommend using?

Kiteman (author)  jordan.frey1 year ago

If you can find something with a fine grain, it will be harder to carve, but the end result will be smoother.

foobear2 years ago
wow, so smart! going to do this
Kiteman (author)  foobear1 year ago
Oh, post pictures when you do!
cart5623 years ago
Well, it's been well over a year since I first saw this and wanted to make it and now that I'm about a week into it, I think I'm halfway done with my 5 or so inch version in my Woodshop class.
Kiteman (author)  cart5623 years ago
Cool - post pictures when you can.
cart562 Kiteman3 years ago
Yes of course, I finished a week or so ago but I didn't take a picture so I will sometime.
Gobra5x3 years ago
Thats awesome, after browsing for many,-many- hours on this site, this is the first thing ill try! thanks for sharing this with us!=)
Kiteman (author)  Gobra5x3 years ago
Thanks for the kind comment.
Fisatec3 years ago
Thanks for this instruction.
I carved a pair of entwined hearts out of Ytong for this years valentines day.
At first I wanted to make them out of wood too, but because of lack of time I chose Ytong.
It was very easy to handle and finally I got two 17x15cm entwined hears.

It is an eayier way to create such a beautiful gift.
If you don't like this poridical surface, you could dab on some gypsum and paint.

Kiteman (author)  Fisatec3 years ago
Cool, thanks for sharing.
m4srcool4 years ago
What sort of wood did you use? Also, what size did you pick? Ive tried looking around for a branch that large but I can only seem to find the huge trunks or the tiny twigs.
Kiteman (author)  m4srcool4 years ago
I have no idea what kind of wood it is - it was a leafless branch lying on the local Common.

The branch was about 3 inches across, but since I just sketched the shape onto the wood, the simple approach is to just work with what you've got.

Oh ok. Thanks for the quick reply.
First, thanks for making this instructable!  I like it very much. When I saw your instructable I wanted to make it so badly, so I did. It took me far too long to finish. And now with almost half a year delay it's finished. I have attached a picture. I used some kind of hardwood. Almost too hard to work with. I impregnated it with some special stuff. I want to give it to my girlfriend on her birthday. Could you tell me how you gave it to your wife? In wrapping paper, a box etc.?

P.S.: I hope my English is good enough.
P1170031 20procent.jpg
Kiteman (author)  FloriePorrie4 years ago
I was very bad about it - I just took it out of my pocket and handed it to her.
Thanks for your fast reply! I think it's not that bad. Only problem is my pockets aren't that big ;) But I'll see how I get it done.
theque7 years ago
# Rotary tool cutting discs are not designed for wood. # Rotary tool grinding discs are good for starting fires. Dont i know this :p
theque theque7 years ago
rather, ive experienced this before XD
Haha, i remember the first time a cutting disc shattered while spinning..... i was wayyyy over the recommended rpms and was cutting something i shouldnt have been, in a way i shouldnt have been. a piece of the disc stuck in the ceiling.... ive worn goggles ever since haha
Use a low speed when you're cutting wood, and you'll be fine
 I use a low speed all the time . My dremel scares me !
rocketbat5 years ago
An absolutely brilliant idea! thankyou so much! Made it for my girlfriend.
Valentines day didn't cost me a penny this year! cost a lot of time though, i will post a picture or two soon :-)
Kiteman (author)  rocketbat5 years ago
Good man!
awoodcarver5 years ago
Very nice work ..the X shape is the start of most  chains , a drill is a good tool to have since you can drill holes in the links.It is a lot easier to cut from hole to hole then trying to cut through the wood without the holes
Kiteman (author)  awoodcarver5 years ago
Oh, thanks for the photo - quite illustrative of what you mean.
spike35795 years ago
 Thanks, I totally stole your idea to make a valentines gift for my wife.  I did the same thing but in aluminum.  They're about 5" tall.
Kiteman (author)  spike35795 years ago
Good grief!

Don't tell me you started with a solid block.  Did you?

I hope you took photos as you made them - that would be worth a project in its own right.

 No I cut them out of foam w/ a cnc router (another project sparked by instructables) and cast them.
cutting out.jpginvesting heart.jpgfresh cast.jpgglue up second heart.jpgrough cast hearts.jpgfinished hearts.jpg
Kiteman (author)  spike35795 years ago
You definitely need to post that!
OK, I'll get on it.
VERY COOL!  pls do an 'ible
dansowten5 years ago
Love the whole Instructable!! Really nice idea!! I am trying to make my own one at the moment.

And I can't believe no one has posted a comment saying "I bet she likes handling bare wood ;)" 

Haha just kidding, great Instructable!
>mega slap<
Kiteman (author)  dansowten5 years ago
Thank you.

I think.
this is a very thoughtful gift :]

love the idea that you left it unfinished so she could rub and love it to perfection.

iTinkers5 years ago
I remembered this project a little while back and made one around christmass.  Unfortunately, I did not take any pics during the process and only remembered to take a pic moments before I gave it away. 
The grainy phone photo is all I have :)

I used Indian Rosewood for it, which proved very difficult to work with, but came out looking quite nice.  I just finished it with some tung oil.
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