Picture of Eraser ball (3DP) by Samuel Bernier
I love the shape of these vintage erasers. When I saw a whole bag of them for only 99 cents at Office Depot, I had this idea for a little office toy. 3D printing fanatics, here is my gift to you.

123D link : http://www.123dapp.com/AssetManager/Publisher?stgAction=getProduct&intProductId=597788
hingiverse link : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17992

Step 1: STL Model

Picture of STL Model
You will first need to download this .STL file, and send it to print.


LiveCrafts9 hours ago

This is a cute idea..maybe I'll make something like this using a styrofoam ball...

randofo made it!1 year ago

Made a few to show off some of the cool stuff posted to Instructables.

vincent75203 years ago
I see you didn't have a comment on this one.

I'm glad to be the first : I like it a lot !!!!…