Evil Krusty vs. Simpsons Couch Costume - Treehouse of Horrors III

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Picture of Evil Krusty vs. Simpsons Couch Costume - Treehouse of Horrors III
I strongly believe that the true challenge in building a Halloween costume, is coming up with an original concept. I'm amazed by the ability of the maker community to reproduce costumes and characters with precision and detail. The creativity in production and material use is always educational and inspirational, but I'm always more impressed with a costume that makes you say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that"?

This year, I offer a twist on the Simpson's Halloween.

* Check out more pics of the completed costume in the last step *

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Step 1: Inspiration and Design

Picture of Inspiration and Design
My costume draws inspiration from the Simpson's Treehouse of Horrors III Halloween Episode that originally aired on Oct 29th 1992. The episode opens with the skeleton couch gag shown above. This was the 64th episode of the series which features the Evil Krusty doll that Homer buys Bart after forgetting to get him a birthday present. While the doll is nice to Bart, it repeatedly tries to kill Homer, until Marge calls Krustyco and a technician points out that the doll was set to Evil. These two features of a classic Simpson's episode were the perfect starting point for this year's costume build.

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gwfong5 months ago

This is so cool. The detail is amazing as well as the level of effort. You have great tips working the materials.

This is my all time favorite episode! "The frogurt is also cursed!"

This costume is incredible. Last night I looked at it on my phone and just thought it was a decoration, now on the computer I can see all of the detail and amazing thought you put into this costume! Although I imagine it's hard to get through doorways being dressed as a couch! :)
Mr. Noack (author)  RollerScrapper1 year ago
Couch fits perfectly through door ways. I just have to roll it sideways.

At both party's I went to this weekend, I got a lot of appreciation, but there were also people that didn't realize the couch was my costume.
Awesome! I hope you're going to a party where you can win grand prize...of course you have my vote for this year's contest! Best of luck!
Mr. Noack (author)  RollerScrapper1 year ago
I won first Friday night, and I'm in the running for First from the Saturday night party. Still considering the Thursday night party. Soooooooooooo tired......
Go to the party! You already put in all that hard work, and you can sleep tonight.
Mr. Noack (author)  JackANDJude1 year ago
It's a 2 hour drive on a work night.
Excellent and well deserved! Good luck for the Saturday party!
Mr. Noack (author)  Mr. Noack1 year ago
Oh....thanks for your comment. That episode goes waaaaaay back.
Lol, back in the day we used to quote it all the time...

Evil Shopkeeper: The doll is cursed
Homer: Oh that's bad
ES: but it comes with a free frozen yogurt, which I call frogurt
H: Oh! That's good!
ES: but the frogurt is also cursed!
H: Oh that's bad
ES: But it comes with a free topping
H: Oh! That's good!
ES: But the topping contains sodium benzoate
Homer: (blink blink)
ES: That's bad
Homer: Can I go now?

LOL that's inscribed somewhere in my yearbook.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Mr. Noack (author)  RollerScrapper1 year ago
Yes indeed, I re-watched the episode in the midst of construction.
nintenbro648 months ago
ALECIALLEY10 months ago


poofrabbit1 year ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can’t wait to see if you win good luck!
786Ayesha1 year ago
OMG this is awesome.Voted
thepacoman1 year ago
Congratulations on your Rue Morgue Courthouse win. I really admired your creation that night but since I was wearing a fairly large and obstructing costume, I couldn't fully appreciate it until I stumbled upon this site and saw the photos/videos. I shared the Courthouse stage with you that night as the runner up...the rock monster. It's always great to share a stage with creative minds.
Mr. Noack (author)  thepacoman1 year ago
Thanks a million for your comments. I appreciate your words, as well as your amazing costume. We are still wondering how you got into that get up. The entire suit looked seamless. I'm sorry that there wasn't a larger second prize, because your costume was quite deserving. Will you be adding an instructable? I'm sure you have some great tips to add to the community.
Thanks for the kind words. Since I just joined this site, I think I will post some photos of the costume, and maybe others. As seamless as the rock costume looked, the head, hands and feet were removable and there was a zipper in the front of the body suit hidden between the foam rocks. It felt like a sauna inside!
Good to see you still working your ways on instructables jay. This is one by the far most outstanding pieces I've seen that look amazingly detailed just like your Chucky one. Koodos, I'll be seeing you around sometime.
Mr. Noack (author)  Josh Galambos1 year ago
Thanks Josh! Stop by any time.
hilix4201 year ago
This Is one of the best costumes Ever!!!!
Mr. Noack (author)  hilix4201 year ago
Thanks so much!
Wow. Amazing job. Did you think about adding the white lightning bolts on Marge's hair?
Mr. Noack (author)  MoTheBuilder1 year ago
Great question! I planned to add it, but it didn't look right on the costume when I mocked it up. I felt it took away from the look rather than add to it. I also neglected to put the two hairs on Homers head for the same reason. Thanks for your comment and question. I'm glad you liked the costume.
Gosh that just freaks me out so much! Awesome job!
Mr. Noack (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
The best part of wearing it out this year is that so many people thought it was a prop. I often stayed super still and then moved at the last second.
That would totally get me!
you out did yourself this year Mr. Noack i cant wait to see it for real
Mr. Noack (author)  johannschmidt1 year ago
Thanks Cheese!
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant well done. They sell actual DUFF BEER at a gadget shop called
Mr. Noack (author)  blueangelical1 year ago
Thanks. I might have to buy a can!
Wow, this is incredible. Great build!
Mr. Noack (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this one.
pojken1 year ago
Love your enthusiasm for Halloween. Bravo! I thought I was a bit obsessed, but you are a level above me! Cooooool!
I concur, but more like 5 levels above me
Mr. Noack (author)  pojken1 year ago
Thanks! I absolutely love Halloween!!
Thats so cool!
1Dgirl1 year ago
double wow
Boygasmo1 year ago
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