Extreme Marshmallow Cannon


Introduction: Extreme Marshmallow Cannon

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This is a air pressurized cannon. Pumped by a bike pump, air released by a electric sprinkler valve. The PVC tubes are changeable for what you want to shoot. I shoot marshmallows, apples slices and t-shirts. The longest distance I've gotten is 180 feet. All depends on how much air you pump into it. So FUN!!!



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    At 200 psi, my steel pipe air cannon drove an AA battery through 10 thick cardboard boxes and shattered a piece of DWV PVC pipe on the other side. Try shooting C batteries with yours.

    At 160 psi, my metal cannon will shoot so far!

    Guys, the comments aren't supposed to be bragging about your air cannon or telling him to change his. Does a guy who shot marshmallows with the president in the white house need any pointers? congratulations on the great build

    If you want it to go farther you need more pressure. If your confident that you primed/glued your joints well then you can easily crank that up to 120psi (get an air compressor and put that bike pump away). You will also need denser projectiles. Potatoes work well, so do apples. If your trying to huck a potato you might want to invest in a rifled barrel (you can get those online).

    yo my GRANDPA has one that shoots a potato a HALF MILE

    i have one that shoots AA batteries 300 yds/900 ft. pump it up to 110 psi.

    Dude that is cool.

    Have you tried to make a step by step on how to build one?


    I guess the video is to large. It said it wouldn't load. You can see it on lookwhatjoeysmaking.com

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    If it says there's to much space in the video then you can become a pro member and the video will work but that's up to you.

    I finished the directions. I did them on Makeprojects.com I don't know how to get it over to instructables. anyone know how?

    It's hard, but that's more likely to get votes than just pictures. :P I would love to see the instructions, as I want to make one.

    That's pretty cool!

    This sounds awesome. I agree with Kaptain Kool, tell us how you made it and post a video! I would love to see it in action.

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    There is a video on YouTube. Lookwhatjoeymaking!

    Please like/vote!

    This is awesome in every way, down to the paint job! You should post instructions!

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    Kaptain Kool, would love to...but they are talking about selling: part list, or whole unit put together.