This week’s construction was made up by the animations and in particular the children’s series ‘Inspector Gadget’. There are many times in our lives that we wish that there was a way to reach the highest points on our shelves and furniture at home in order to be able to do our housework properly. Therefore, we decided to experiment a creation that would be able to do that in our workshop.

Step 1: Scissor Shoes

This time, our aim was to make shoes that by the pressing of a button, they would be lifted high while pressing the same button again, they would be coming down. Even if the particular aim sounds easy to be achieved, the factors that will make this construction complicated are plenty.

First of all, the weight of the shoes is one of the main reasons that makes our procedure of creating them difficult as well as the weight of the person that will be lifted to the highest point wearing the shoes. Also, the mechanism that will move the construction and many other factors considered.

Step 2: Materials

To start with, we made a base made of stainless steel. Then, we made two scissors consisted by 6 pieces each of 30cm. These two scissors were connected by tubes of 8mm thickness made of stainless steel and then they have been made by square tubes of 6mm thickness. Placing the screws of 6mm and the tubes, we made a common scissor of 12cm width. Its height when its parts are united is 12cm while when they are separated is 75cm. The whole construction was conglutinated with tig welder as the particular creation has many small pieces so the detail matters.

Step 3: Pistons

Regarding the inclination and the declination of the scissor we used pistons of compressed air taken by old, office chairs. We placed 2 pistons on each shoe to achieve our goal and lift the loads exerted successfully. Thus, while pressing the buttons the shoe is going up if the individual does not exert his whole weight on the one shoe. When the buttons are released, the piston does not move backwards so the shoe supports the whole load. After, when the user wants to go down, he exerts his whole weight on the one shoe pressing the buttons of the pistons so the shoe goes down and the same procedure is followed with the other pair as well.

On the top of our construction, we screwed two old shoes for security matters and these shoes have an iron, metal plate inside their sole that makes them very stable. We also used 5 springs in each shoe to empower the move of our scissors and to achieve a more stable and smooth movement.

Step 4: Go Go Gadget Legs

After all these efforts, our experiment reached the final stage of trials. Wearing the particular shoes, we tried to be lifted using one foot each time which is the safest way in order to avoid instabilities. However, we also tried to make a saltation in order to open both shoes simultaneously. Although, this is a more dangerous way to lift up, it is the most impressive way to do so. Then, we tried to make some steps which is very hard to be achieved as the weight of the shoes is heavy enough. We also used them in multiple tasks with a great success such as to change the lamp, to polish some high points, to clean a tall car and to cut fruits from a tree so we enjoyed using our creation.

Our primary aim was achieved as we brought to life one of our childhood’s fantasies. To use it securely though, the shoes should be made by more stable materials like carbon fiber and having a bigger basis to support them.

Step 5: Video

However, we are glad to have these unusual shoes in our house’s decoration and maybe we will use them for a housework in case we don’t have any other alternatives. The same mechanism used for the shoes was also used for many other constructions such as the briefcase table. Finally, what we keep completing this experiment is the knowledge that we acquired as well as every great moment that we had making this construction!

Nice video.. :)
<p>Thank you! :)</p>
Haha nice shoes,???
<p>hehe Thanks! :)</p>
Very nice
<p>Thank you!</p>
That's cool that would help me out at home alot cause i'm a shorty for my age
<p>Hey! Like my sweetie, who complains that he's short, I tell him &quot;You're not short, you're fun sized!&quot;</p>
<p>Awesome! How tall are you?</p>
<p>Thanks! 1.70 :)</p>
<p>Have fantasized about making something like this for years, nice too see someone make an attempt at making it! :)</p>
<p>Thank you! :)</p>
<p>Congratulations very nice work If I have the machine i do it God bless.</p>
<p>Thank you! :)</p>
<p>Oh my! This has got to be a dream! I have hedges that go around my yard which is elevated from the sidewalk, making it difficult to maintain and trim, climbing up and down a ladder. The only thing that comes close is construction stilts. Well done.</p>
<p>Yeah! :) Thank you!</p>
<p>Very Nice! </p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>That's very cool! How heavy are those? I'd love a set of those at one particular work station at my house! </p>
<p>It's a great idea, but it couldn't be used in our mill due to a safety rules. I have a question, how many times you fell dow and how painfull it was? :- ) Second question is, what is the weight? Don't take my questions as a criticism please, I really like it. I would use it (made as a silent version) my self as a photographer to be higher than standing people. Thanks for inspiration and many greetings from Czech Republic.</p>
<p>I would like to see a version of this with a wider, more stable base. Also, rather than using springs which seem a bit erratic in their motion, I wonder if you couldn't use a valve and hand pump system where the springs help, but you actually pump the cylinders with your hand valves so they are more adjustable and more stable.</p>
<p>Oh WOW, autogenous wellding, good for you. I do it all the time and get grief for it. Not always necessary to have 100% butt welds and if you have good fit up , it's great. </p>
<p>Nice thought! Why not use stilts for this since I've worked 41 years doing drywall finishing? Good idea if a person has the resources to make such a project. </p>
<p>How difficult is into balance on these? they would be very usefull working on the top shelves in my garage or even cleaning my gutters.</p>
<p>Excellent time to pick up some carbon fiber for you I believe! Working prototype! </p><p>I wonder if you can step up on each side a little at a time not everyone has the greatest knees to allow them to put a lot of weight on their leg when their knee is up to their chin. </p><p>possibly dual and single actuation would be cool one in the middle to do dual and one on left and right to actuate one cylinder at a time so it would be like a tripple bicycle break with a piece in the center that would push both out this way one could go up with less stress the equal to stepping up a stair at a time.</p>
<p>Just curious, what was the reasoning behind using SS?</p>
<p>&quot;SS&quot;? Stainless Steel ?</p>
If you get a way to motorize it so you can move easily, that would be actually very useful.
<p>WOW, sets all sorts of ideas afloat in my head! Thanks</p>
<p>Thank you! :)</p>
<p>LOVE IT </p>
<p>Thanks! :)</p>
THIS is uber-COOL! Speaking as a height-challenged person, I really want a pair!
<p>Thank you! :)</p>
<p>Great Idea! Has the flexibility of different heights. Reasonably easy to build. Would love to have a more detailed plan. Will try it with what you have posted. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
Unique, Innovative and Awesome!!!! Loved it. Voted<br><br>Also, another inquiry, what's the max. weight these go go gadget shoes can handle??
<p>Thank you so much! :)</p>
<p>Cool beans... The ups and downs of this project are brilliant, clearly the make is too. Nicely done, me thinks. As a bonus or reading your project article, I have been granted a new word to use in my daily conversations due to your project manufacturing process utilizing a conglutination step for these stepping devices you have brought into this world from childhood, superior effort, me thinks.</p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
Awesome work... P.s. what's the music playing?
<p>Thank you! Please check in he description.</p>
<p>Brilliant. The fact you made them so they can go back down as well is even more brilliant. Voted.</p>
<p>Thank you so much! :)</p>

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