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Introduction: FN Five Seven (Build)

The K'NEX FN Five-Seven is a favored build by many K'NEX gun instrucable'ers. With 7 favorites and over 800 views, it is bound to be of good quality. This set of instructions will tell you how to build this "much liked" gun, but first, lets look at some stats.


• Smooth slide
• True trigger
• Shoots 30 -35 ft.
• Looks relatively accurate
• Does not need more than one broken piece
• It is to-scale

Let's start building!

Step 1: Lower Reciever

So, this is the step to build the lower receiver, by far the longest set of pictures in this particular instruction "handbook." To build, just follow the image notes, and you should be all set.

Step 2: The Upper Receiever

The upper receiver should be a relatively easy step to do, just follow the pictures and their image notes.

Step 3: Trigger Guard and Firing Pin

Just build what you see in the pics.

Step 4: Rubber-banding the FN Five-Seven

Again, just follow the pics.

Step 5: Finished!

Now that you are done with your K'NEX FN Five-Seven, get some one slot dark grey connectors, push them up the handle, get a magazine pusher (like one you see in the pics) that uses a rubber band to push it up, and pull back the slide until the FP catches on a bullet, allow the slide to go forwards, and then pull the trigger.

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How thick are the cut rods on the handle?

I built this one a while ago, but I could not get it to work. The slide kept coming off. Great model though.

it is truely a brilliant gun
but it uses too much broken pcs.

Is big enough to be a Desert Eagle.

Hey Red, I recently subbed to you, and I love your creations! They look so awesome :D

One problem I've had with this gun, however, is that it is rather unreliable and the top reciever wants to fly off. Maybe you could work to fix this in your next gun? I really like the slide idea though; It makes it feel like a real gun.

I too had this problem, but then it didn't happen that often, so I just ignored it... maybe a rubberband may help with this case, but then cocking will be harder.


Hey Fred,

Thanks for the sub man, I am glad you appreciate my stuff! Well, if you want a better overall K'NEX pistol, you might want to try my new PMR-30. While I haven't shot it yet, I am pretty sure it will turn out better than my Five-Seven, even though it does not have a slide.

I have thought about returning to my Five-Seven before, but right now I have other things I'd like to build... XM8/M8/M8A1, AAC Honey Badger, I have a PMR-30 in progress... etc, etc.

Having trouble with the mag it with I cock the gun back all the bullets fly out.

Nice one, Red, and as for that tan rotation lock that you said needs to be broken, it can easily be replaced with a blue cap.

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