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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 7 months ago

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Told you I time travel... I shouldn't have made it so blatant though...

Your time traveling is scaring me~ :,(

JonnyBGood12 days ago

Hey Man, I know you're busy but I wanted your opinion on an idea I recorded in my note book recently.

Remember when we thought about revising the body of the TR-8? Would I be crazy to make a TR-8 Bullpup? Meaning the handle is in front of the turret. It would make loading it easier, keeping the gun constantly at your side, the only interesting and hard part would be to retain the easy and powerful cocking function of the gun. I'm thinking a seperate slide for a charging handle on the front block section of the gun (front block will be GREATLY reduced and then connecting it to the rear slide via multiple black rod connections.

Seem plausible and sane to you? Or have I gone off the deep end?

That's a cool idea. I don't know if you only wanted red to answer, but I think it is definitely do-able, however the stock would be huge, and you may only be able to fit small rods in, like white ones. Otherwise it might hit the handle.

Saying that I would love to see it and even attempt it.

Well the gun will remain the same length, just the charging handle and grip positions will change.

OK, however, I was thinking about the idea, and I saw a problem.

It is that the trigger would not be able to run along the bottom of the gun, because of the turret, unless it had a thick body to act as a shield.

True. Moving the grip under or in front of the turret will require a thicker body, however this doesn't mean it'll become equivalent in size to oblivious's z3. (No offense to the gun, the function was awesome.) It can be kept within 2-3 inches of its original thickness if built how I layer it out during planning.

Hmm... well, I've been wrestleing with this idea for over a year and a half, and all I can say is this: When it comes to K'NEX, bullpups are kinda... useless... The whole point of the TR8 is its usability... Making it a bullpup would kinda defeat the purpose of the TR8. BUT, with that being said, a bullpup TR8 would be BOSS! I'd love to see you make one, it'd be great! I say go for it man, and take your time! Its got to be the best it can be!

Well keeping functionality is my primary concern, realisticaly I just plan to move the grip and charging handle forward by modifying the body. The guns length would remain the same and the pin and turret in the same spot. Just new placement of sections of the gun.

This is interesting. Mind if I give it a shot?

Please and thank you. As I've told a couple of the other guys, I have more ideas than I have time for.

I built a skeletal frame of what I was planning, removing the block, using a smaller one, and having front rails for an ergonomic charging handle. That charging handle is attached to the slide (where the charging handle would go on a stock TR8)

All that's left is to build a new attachment point for the turret and grip, then run a rod from the trigger to the standard trigger. Overall this mod should be challenging but very plausible.

Have fun!

Miniboom10 days ago

just wondering where did your name come from, just seems a bit random?