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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 8 months ago

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TheDunkis8 days ago

Proposition: I'd really like a good looking, functional PDR. For performance as a bullup, I figured I'd do the only sensible thing and make it a slingshot. Now, I know you don't care to work with slingshots, especially a repeating one. My PDR, and thus yours for being based off mine, were too small compared to the real one. And you've plenty more experience in making models now, a lot more than me, so I'd just like if you could make a new model PDR, nothing else required. I'd like to attempt adding the slingshot mechanism myself. Only if your'e interested and whenever you have time of course, I'm in no hurry.

I can muck you up one right now actually... =D

Ermehgerd, ersehm. I look forward to it. d(^_^d)

JonnyBGood17 days ago

Hey man, just wanted to say I officially posted Zip3 today. If you could please check it out and maybe build? ;D

M'BOYS! Sounds sick, and I'm going to check it out now!


Happy 2015! Lets make 2015 a much more active year for the Knex world!

I say the same thing man! I we could keep this community alive if we wanted too! So lets give it a go, shall we? Happy 2015, man!

hey thought I'd drop by to say hi. I'm officially old enough to have an instructables account now haha. Anyway hope things are good, see ya.

Dude, its great to talk to you again! How you doing man? Keeping busy?

I'm fine thanks, haven't been keeping as busy as I should've been tho. How's stuff with you?
TheDunkis1 month ago

I've another recommendation. The Vityaz-SN (oh great, I copy and pasted it and now the rest of my text is going to be bold. Thanks, Obama) is essentially an AK-74u but modernized and in 9mm. Should be easy enough and rather cool.

JonnyBGood1 month ago

Hey Man, I know you're busy but I wanted your opinion on an idea I recorded in my note book recently.

Remember when we thought about revising the body of the TR-8? Would I be crazy to make a TR-8 Bullpup? Meaning the handle is in front of the turret. It would make loading it easier, keeping the gun constantly at your side, the only interesting and hard part would be to retain the easy and powerful cocking function of the gun. I'm thinking a seperate slide for a charging handle on the front block section of the gun (front block will be GREATLY reduced and then connecting it to the rear slide via multiple black rod connections.

Seem plausible and sane to you? Or have I gone off the deep end?

That's a cool idea. I don't know if you only wanted red to answer, but I think it is definitely do-able, however the stock would be huge, and you may only be able to fit small rods in, like white ones. Otherwise it might hit the handle.

Saying that I would love to see it and even attempt it.

Well the gun will remain the same length, just the charging handle and grip positions will change.