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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 9 months ago

Want more info on my newest projects? Check out #WestmarchArms on Google+ today!


We should make a collab sometime. I really need help on building replicas.

akshat210452 months ago

What's up? Haven't heard from you in a while. Anything new I should be waiting for? ;)

wait wait wait, hold on here, did I really not ever thank you for subscribing? I looked for like 10 min all the way back to 2013 and never saw a comment from me on your orange board. Well then thank you so much for subscribing like a year ago. Really means a lot.

TheDunkis7 months ago

Hey, Red, if you're not too busy with other stuff, you want to help out with the bolt action, rotary magazine gun I'm working on? It's a sleek little gun at the moment but it's a bit tricky in a few areas that I'm hoping you might be able to help out on. I'll send some pictures if you're up for it.

The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 8 months ago
hunter9999 months ago

New Insructable is up. Feel free to check it out!! :D


CorgiCritter9 months ago

Thanks you for subscribing! It really means a lot to me. :)

nerfrocketeer11 months ago

What up? What it is? Lol

Wow, a five month general absence and I'm still beating you... :P

myOmy11 months ago

Nice profile pic ya got there. What is it?

Also, what do you play destiny on? i play on Xbox One

TheDunkis1 year ago

Proposition: I'd really like a good looking, functional PDR. For performance as a bullup, I figured I'd do the only sensible thing and make it a slingshot. Now, I know you don't care to work with slingshots, especially a repeating one. My PDR, and thus yours for being based off mine, were too small compared to the real one. And you've plenty more experience in making models now, a lot more than me, so I'd just like if you could make a new model PDR, nothing else required. I'd like to attempt adding the slingshot mechanism myself. Only if your'e interested and whenever you have time of course, I'm in no hurry.

I can muck you up one right now actually... =D

Ermehgerd, ersehm. I look forward to it. d(^_^d)