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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 28 days ago


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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 4 months ago

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JonnyBGood16 hours ago

Here's those mech pictures I was going to get you. I need to work on the mechanism a little more to make it stronger, but it can give you a point to start.


Well, hmm... hmm... hmm... you know what I was thinking? We should both do our own renditions of the R5. You do a performance replica, I do a performance replica, and we each post our best edition when we are both ready. I just finished edition #5 of my R5, with pin-guide and all, now all I have to do is make it shoot 50 ft. +, 'cause right now, it is lamely struggling to get 30. Fail on my part.

Kona-chan18 days ago

*a wild Kona-chan appeard*



didn't talk to you in a while bro, how are things going?

Hey man, whats up!?

Oh, me, nothing much, keeping pretty busy, but nothing very special is going on.

How 'bout you?

Seems like he's busy, hahaha

Back in your Pokéball, you nub, and off to the Trainers School. Hopefully, someone can teach you what capital letters are. >:(

LOL, in the first place, what the what? And in the second place, give the kid a break. English isn't his first language.

It was a joke, you butt :P
Guy's used to it, and does it to me too.


was jou probleem

That you don't use proper punctuation, of course.

JonnyBGood4 days ago

Put Remington pictures in my Competitor V comments. Check em' out when you got the time.

JonnyBGood5 days ago

Alright my man, I got time today so I'll get the gun built.

I also have finished my concept ideas for the xm-29. The gun will be mostly based of the real gun with one exception, the grenade launcher feature will be switched out for a sniper rifle. So you have a mid range assault rifle, and a long range rifle in one gun. It'll have a simple pin gun for the AR section and then the concept: a selector switch to choose whether you shoot the AR or the sniper rifle. So both guns will work off the same trigger, depending what you have it set for. (I know as if a dual barrel gun wasn't bar The sniper will be a repeating slingshot mech for maximum range.

All I can say is that this gun will be a beast mechanically and I can't wait to attempt to build it. Although I do admit I haven't quite figured out how to get the slingshot trigger mech to the trigger yet, but heck I'll wing it. Lol just like everything else.

Johnhall141 month ago

Good job on getting featured and for making your guns too well :)