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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 11 months ago

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What up? What it is? Lol

Wow, a five month general absence and I'm still beating you... :P

myOmy1 month ago

Nice profile pic ya got there. What is it?

Also, what do you play destiny on? i play on Xbox One

TheDunkis3 months ago

Proposition: I'd really like a good looking, functional PDR. For performance as a bullup, I figured I'd do the only sensible thing and make it a slingshot. Now, I know you don't care to work with slingshots, especially a repeating one. My PDR, and thus yours for being based off mine, were too small compared to the real one. And you've plenty more experience in making models now, a lot more than me, so I'd just like if you could make a new model PDR, nothing else required. I'd like to attempt adding the slingshot mechanism myself. Only if your'e interested and whenever you have time of course, I'm in no hurry.

I can muck you up one right now actually... =D

Ermehgerd, ersehm. I look forward to it. d(^_^d)

Me too...


I'm sure you're busy, but any updates?

JonnyBGood3 months ago

Hey man, just wanted to say I officially posted Zip3 today. If you could please check it out and maybe build? ;D

M'BOYS! Sounds sick, and I'm going to check it out now!

Blue Mullet 23 months ago


Happy 2015! Lets make 2015 a much more active year for the Knex world!

I say the same thing man! I we could keep this community alive if we wanted too! So lets give it a go, shall we? Happy 2015, man!

PotatoCoffee4 months ago

hey thought I'd drop by to say hi. I'm officially old enough to have an instructables account now haha. Anyway hope things are good, see ya.