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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 2 months ago

Check out my website, The Red Book of Westmarch Insider!

akshat2104519 hours ago

Thanks for the sub! =D

The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 5 days ago

Check out my newest gun, K'NEX Gun: Quarrel:


Hmm.. So, Quarrel is a bullpup that features a magazine port on the top (for more power due to more distance from the pin) and bottom (for looks)?

I also notice an extra rubberbnd going through the gun, is that for a chambering device? If so it chambers by pulling the trigger right?

Regardless, very interesting! I'm curious at how it works

Nice! The magazine is inserted from the top, right?

That is correct, but the newest version is a true bullpup, the Instructable will be up sometime between today and this friday. =D

=D Awesome!

Yeah, I kinda excited, but it really is nothing special, and I entirely prefer a normal setup, over a Bullpup setup.

*Yeah, I'm kinda excited

Kona-chan6 days ago

hey bro,

I would propose a challenge to you,

Try to make the M40A3 With real bolt action and if ya got time and so, try to make it eject stuff, like shells if you pull the bolt the shell ejects

try it


Hey man,

The M40A3 huh? With a BA + SE mechs? Sounds a little complicated, but it would be fun to try.... I don't know bro, because I already have so many other things on my plate.

I might take you up on your idea, but not now.

Thanks again!

- The Red Book of Westmarch

with SE I ment like a fake shell port like if you pull the bolt it leaves a hole for breach, get it?

something like that

Hmm, again, I don't know bro, but it is a good idea all the same. =D


The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 4 days ago

K'NEX Gun: Quarrel:


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